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Syllabification: coe·lur·o·saur
Pronunciation: /siˈlo͝orəˌsôr, sē-
(also coelurosaurus /siˌlo͝orəˈsôrəs, sē-/)


A small, slender, bipedal, carnivorous dinosaur with long forelimbs, from which the birds are believed to have evolved.
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  • Recent studies have agreed that T. rex and the tyrannosaurs belong with the coelurosaurs, not with the carnosaurs as was originally believed.
  • Predatory dinosaurs of the Jurassic included fearsome carnosaurs such as Allosaurus, small, fast coelurosaurs, and ceratosaurs such as Dilophosaurus.
  • Around the same time the allosaurs appeared, another subgroup of the tetanurans, the coelurosaurs, also branched off.


1950s: from Greek koilos 'hollow' + oura 'tail' + sauros 'lizard'.



Pronunciation: /-ˌlo͝orəˈsôrēən/
More example sentences
  • The discovery of coelurosaurian dinosaurs with remnants of several kinds of integumentary structures, including feathers, has revolutionized our thinking about the origin of feathers.
  • He proposed that ratites and small coelurosaurian dinosaurs shared a common ancestor, and that the ancestors of ratites never acquired flight.
  • Some archosaurs, such as birds and coelurosaurian dinosaurs also developed large brains, indicating a higher level of intelligence.

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