There are 2 main definitions of collect in English:


Syllabification: col·lect
Pronunciation: /kəˈlekt


[with object]
1Bring or gather together (things, typically when scattered or widespread): he went around the office collecting old coffee cups he collected up all his clothing
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  • They shot at anything and everything, except the clays, which were often collected up unscathed and reused.
  • This post collects a number of these political discussions.
  • We're collecting emergency numbers from the workers today.
1.1Accumulate and store over a period of time: collect rainwater to use on the garden
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  • To counter the drain on scarce water supplies, rainwater will be collected in underground tanks and a new breed of wildlife-rich village pond.
  • At present rain water is being collected in large storage dams and reticulated to the end consumer via a network of pipes, pumps and treatment plant to ensure drinking water quality.
  • Rainwater can be collected in plenty during rainy seasons, but we waste it by allowing it to flow into the sea.
1.2Systematically seek and acquire (items of a particular kind) as a hobby: I’ve started collecting stamps [no object]: the urge to collect, to have the full set, is in us all
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  • He doesn't have any hobbies - doesn't collect anything or travel anywhere; doesn't read or listen to music.
  • Her newest hobby is collecting each of the new Euro coins from each country.
  • Mr. G. Sethuraman, an active philatelist who has been collecting stamps since 1974, says this hobby has a high knowledge-gaining potential.
1.3 [no object] Come together and form a group or mass: worshipers collected together in a stadium dust and dirt collect so quickly
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  • Hollin has collected together a range of individuals and collaborators to provide a concise but comprehensive overview of the principles and premises inherent in this area.
  • It defines the word assembly as a company of persons collected together in one place usually for a common purpose.
  • Since the particles start with zero energy, this means that by the time they have collected together to form a star or a planet they have negative energy.
gather, assemble, meet, muster, congregate, convene, converge, flock together
2Call for and take away; fetch: the children were collected from school
More example sentences
  • Swinford players will be collected up at the Gateway Hotel, Swinford at 8.15 am.
  • Meet your coach, collect the right number of departing guests from their hotels and get them to the airport - then do the same in reverse for the arrivals.
  • If you want to be one of the DJ's, you need to arrive at the venue at 7: 00 pm to collect your number (more details to follow).
fetch, go/come to get, call for, meet
2.1Go somewhere and accept or receive (something), especially as a right or due: she went to Oxford to collect her honorary degree
More example sentences
  • The 72 year old was in town to collect an honorary ACTRA award.
  • Battier's varied gifts as a player make him the favorite to claim all the awards Martin collected this season.
  • The 54-year-old actress is speaking to me at the America Film Festival in Deauville, where she is collecting a lifetime achievement award.
2.2Solicit and receive (donations), especially for charity: collecting money for the war effort [no object]: we collected for the United Way
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  • The funeral took place this morning at St Peter's Church in Mill Hill where donations were collected for MacMillan Nurses.
  • Thankfully a large sum of money has been collected for the Irish Wheelchair Association.
  • A nice website has been established in her memory and a charitable trust is collecting donations to support the kinds of causes for which she gave her life.
raise, appeal for, ask for, solicit;
obtain, acquire, gather
2.3Receive (money that is due); be paid: [with object]: they called to collect a debt [no object]: he’d come to collect
3 (collect oneself) Regain control of oneself, typically after a shock.
More example sentences
  • Cougre took the hint and collected herself, regaining her calm.
  • Everybody nearly jumped out of their skin as the voice suddenly spat out at us, and it took us a great while to collect ourselves from the shock.
  • He was silent for a short while, trying to regain his composure and collect himself.
recover, regain one's composure, pull oneself together, steady oneself
informal get a grip (on oneself)
3.1Bring together and concentrate (one’s thoughts).
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  • I was met with great compassion and it was suggested that I go to my room, collect my thoughts and let them know what I wanted to do.
gather, summon (up), muster, get together, marshal
4 archaic Conclude; infer: by all best conjectures, I collect Thou art to be my fatal enemy
5Cause (a horse) to bring its hind legs further forward as it moves, thereby shortening the stride and increasing balance and impulsion.
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  • This is an easy way to encourage the horse to collect as he halts which will be a paramount balance skill later on.
  • ‘I began learning our pocket going around barrels and how to rate and collect him, and he caught on fast’ says Harmon.

adverb & adjective

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(With reference to a telephone call) to be paid for by the person receiving it: [as adverb]: I called my mother collect [as adjective]: a collect call
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  • And Mother's Day is the second highest day for collect calls.
  • I cannot imagine the mindset of a man who thinks that a sex worker is going to take a collect call from anyone - let alone someone who's in jail.
  • Bart must apologize to Australia after he tricks a boy from down under into accepting an expensive collect call.


late Middle English: from Old French collecter or medieval Latin collectare, from Latin collect- 'gathered together', from the verb colligere, from col- 'together' + legere 'choose or collect'.

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There are 2 main definitions of collect in English:


Syllabification: col·lect
Pronunciation: /ˈkälˌekt


(In church use) a short prayer, especially one assigned to a particular day or season.
More example sentences
  • However, a new type of short full anthem, often a setting of one of the seasonal collects, gained in popularity after about 1800.
  • This kind of evangelism is far more persuasive than simply publishing the world's best book of new collects, calls to worship, or Eucharistic prayers.
  • The Australian Prayer Book has a somewhat revised version of the collect found in the ASB 1980.


Middle English: from Old French collecte, from Latin collecta 'gathering', feminine past participle of colligere 'gather together' (see collect1).

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