Definition of common sense in English:

common sense

Syllabification: com·mon sense


Good sense and sound judgment in practical matters: use your common sense [as modifier]: a common-sense approach
More example sentences
  • I believe that the committee reached a very sound, common-sense approach to the problem.
  • He had a practical, common-sense manner, and he was determined from the outset that nothing but his best was good enough.
  • I hope that a practical, common-sense application will be applied to the various issues that will arise.
practicality, capability, resourcefulness, enterprise



Pronunciation: /ˌkämənˈsensikəl/
More example sentences
  • And we all ought to go about our business in a commonsensical, calm way, and not in any way be distracted by scare stories or horror stories or headlines.
  • These changes are practical and commonsensical and I hope they will prevent cases of serious error.
  • In general, the American public seems to apply a fairly reasonable, commonsensical standard of benefit and cost when evaluating foreign affairs.

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