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Syllabification: com·mun·ion
Pronunciation: /kəˈmyo͞onyən


  • 1The sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level: in this churchyard communion with the dead was almost palpable
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    • I am in exclusive intimate spiritual communion with each of my devotees.
    • The sheer joy of that intimate communion with nature; the contented peace we discover on the banks of running waters - that's what it's really all about.
    • Their imaginations are dominated by the ghosts of the past, in intimate communion with the shimmering world of the dead.
  • 1.1Common participation in a mental or emotional experience: popular festivals where all take part in joyous communion
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    • This relation is not one of appropriation, possession, or passive representation of knowledge, but of communion and co-creative participation.
    • Mutual participation or communion is an integral feature of Christian salvation.
    • Making, breaking, and distributing bread carried profound connotations of friendship, communion, giving, sharing, justice.
    affinity, fellowship, kinship, friendship, fellow feeling, togetherness, closeness, harmony, understanding, rapport, connection, communication, empathy, accord, unity
  • 2 (often Communion or Holy Communion) The service of Christian worship at which bread and wine are consecrated and shared. See Eucharist.
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    • It was worship, and was as essential to Communion as breaking the bread and drinking the cup.
    • Christian practice of Communion is becoming more diverse
    • Then, with burning hearts, we are ready for Jesus to reveal himself to us as we break bread with him at Communion.
  • 2.1The consecrated bread and wine so administered and received: the priests gave him Holy Communion
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    • At Communion time, I stayed with the priest until I thought all the parishioners had received Communion.
    • Six boys received their First Communion in the Sacred Heart Church last Sunday.
    • As another example, we all know that when we receive Communion, we are receiving Jesus-body and blood, soul and divinity-and that he comes to live in us in a very special way.
  • 3A relationship of recognition and acceptance between Christian churches or denominations, or between individual Christians or Christian communities and a church (signified by a willingness to give or receive the Eucharist): the Eastern Churches are not in communion with Rome
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    • Herein is the irreplaceable role of dialogue between the local community of Christians, and the communion of churches.
    • For the first time, representatives of all churches in communion with Canterbury were assembled, and around the theme of common mission.
    • Those churches in communion with Peter and the Orthodox are held to have a valid sacrament of orders.
  • 3.1A group of Christian communities or churches that recognize one another’s ministries or that of a central authority. See also Anglican Communion.
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    • He courageously describes the discrimination and harm often visited upon one of Christianity's oldest communions - the Coptic Church.
    • This document still serves as a primary point of reference for Anglican dialogue with other Christian communions.
    • The advert says, ‘We are Christians, from different communions.’


make one's communion

Receive bread and wine that has been consecrated at a Eucharist, as a sacramental, spiritual, or symbolic act of receiving the presence of Christ.
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  • Mrs. McGrath looked after the boys and girls who were making their communion.
  • When her son Conor was making his communion, another seven-year-old boy in the class warned the other children that none of them would go to an arranged party if Conor showed up because he was black.
  • Congratulations to the 12 pupils from the Kilglass and Culleens national schools who made their communion in Kilglass Church.


late Middle English: from Latin communio(n-), from communis (see common).

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