Definition of compute in English:

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Pronunciation: /kəmˈpyo͞ot/


[with object]
1Calculate or reckon (a figure or amount): we can compute the exact increase depreciation is computed by applying the straight-line method
More example sentences
  • However, the same weights are applied in computing percentages for both states.
  • The stem elongation was recorded every second and the software computed an average value every 60 measurements.
  • The assistant clerk computes the figures and presents his tally to the chief clerk, who examines the calculations before initialing them.
calculate, work out, reckon, determine, evaluate, quantify;
add up, count up, tally, total, totalize, tot up
1.1 [no object] Make a calculation, especially using a computer: modern circuitry can compute faster than any chess player
1.2 [no object, with negative] informal Seem reasonable; make sense: the idea just doesn’t compute
From the phrase does not compute, once used as an error message in computing
More example sentences
  • Sadly, when it comes to my pocketbook these days, that does not compute.
  • They do not compute, and more importantly, who can relate to someone who makes almost $97,000 a day?



Pronunciation: /kəmˌpyo͞odəˈbilədē/
Example sentences
  • Computer science theories assess the computability and complexity of computational problems, but these theories are generally based on Boolean logic and the binary representation of information.
  • There are wines that have proven their computability with local cuisines over the centuries, wines such as Sancerre in the Loire, Rioja in Spain, Chianti in Tuscany, and the lighter wines of the French and Italian Riviera.
  • It's uncanny the way Turing and Shannon and all these people come together with ideas of computability, digital information theory, and cybernetics at around the same time as DNA falls into place.


Pronunciation: /kəmˈpyo͞odəb(ə)l/
Example sentences
  • ‘A risk-free reference is needed to provide bond investors with a realistic and computable assessment of risk,’ said one fixed-income analyst.
  • Atom depth is an easily computable quantity, yet it allows one to detect some general features of proteins and protein domains.
  • The activity of ‘dividing inventorially’ a text into a logical structure of parts that are computable according to a machine-readable ‘arithmetic’ can indeed be a dizzying enterprise.


Pronunciation: /-blē/
Example sentences
  • No one has yet managed to model computably the confusing mix of irrefutable laws and chaotic events which seem to govern nature, making, for example, weather patterns so difficult to predict.
  • We shall take for granted the extension of these ideas to computably convergent complex sequences, and the natural definitions of computable continuity.
  • We build an uncountably categorical but not countably categorical theory whose only computably presentable model is the saturated one.


Pronunciation: /-ˈpyo͞otist/
Example sentences
  • No doubt some people did feel this way, especially astronomers, computists, and recusants.
  • Oh, and yes, I belong to the group of computists, while you belong to the group of non-computists.
  • So let's suppose that you are to be the computist in the case of the analog shift map.


Early 17th century: from French computer or Latin computare, from com- 'together' + putare 'to settle (an account)'.

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