Definition of concurrent in English:


Syllabification: con·cur·rent
Pronunciation: /kənˈkərənt


1Existing, happening, or done at the same time: there are three concurrent art fairs around the city
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  • He was fined a total of £140 with £60 costs and banned from driving for six months to run concurrent with the existing ban.
  • An important way to ensure the defeat of al Qaeda is through applying pressure for change in the existing regimes' behaviors concurrent with supportive interaction with them.
  • Observations may also indicate evolving issues that are concurrent with an existing issue, or a completely new issue.
1.1(Of two or more prison sentences) to be served at the same time.
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  • On each of the murder counts, he was sentenced to concurrent terms of life imprisonment.
  • The appellant was sentenced to a concurrent term of 5 years for the lesser offence of simple wounding.
  • Subsequently, following his arrest a year later, he was sentenced to a concurrent term of 12 months for breach of bail.
1.2 Mathematics (Of three or more lines) meeting at or tending toward one point.
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  • These reciprocal figures, for example, have three forces in equilibrium in one figure represented by a triangle while in the reciprocal figure they are represented by three concurrent lines.
  • There are many families of concurrent lines in a triangle.
  • These arcades were later filled with canvases that fitted neatly into the frame of each arch, conveying the effect of a concurrent and symmetrical series of painted niches.
convergent, converging, meeting, intersecting


late Middle English: from Latin concurrent- 'running together, meeting', from the verb concurrere (see concur).



Pronunciation: /-ˈkərəns/
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  • However, freeing may add to the length of the proceedings and, contrary to expectation, is used more often to dispense with parental agreement than with the concurrence of the birth parent.
  • It is arguable that these cases are not based upon an independent concept of mistake but, instead, are illustrations of lack of concurrence between offer and acceptance.
  • Wirawat also said he felt the mayor was not satisfied with his inability to demonstrate full conformity with the degree of respect and polite concurrence expected.


Pronunciation: /-ˈkərənsē/
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  • The technical data will be generated directly from design models, ensuring concurrency with system configurations.
  • The city reviewed the building plans for concurrency, a measure of whether existing city services were adequate for the project.
  • Models with two-way concurrency (mandatory concurrency) are processed simultaneously.


More example sentences
  • The judge sentenced him to a four-and-a-half year jail term for each separate charge, to run together concurrently.
  • He was sentenced to five years' imprisonment to run concurrently and was released on May 16, 1985.
  • He sentenced him to four months each for driving while disqualified and for taking the car without consent, to be served concurrently.

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