Definition of cosmography in English:

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Pronunciation: /käzˈmäɡrəfē/

noun (plural cosmographies)

1The science that deals with the general features of the universe, including the earth. The branches of cosmography include astronomy, geography, and geology.
Example sentences
  • He entered the University of Leipzig where he studied mathematics, astronomy and cosmography.
  • For this reason, the principal tool of cosmography has become the redshift survey.
  • He was to hold this appointment for 20 years and contribute not only to mathematics but also to astronomy and cosmography.
1.1A description or representation of the universe or the earth.
Example sentences
  • In fact the exhibition brings together quite a number of manuscripts; in addition to Qurans, histories, cosmographies and copies of the Shahnameh (Persian Book of Kings) are also displayed.
  • This is the most scientific of the four cosmographies, being a significant astronomical text.
  • It is bound in a 8th century manuscript, measures 29 X 23 cm and was designed to illustrate the cosmographies of Julius Honorius and Orosius.



Pronunciation: /käzˈmäɡrəfər/
Example sentences
  • The subject also attracted numerous cosmographers, geographers, encyclopedists and writers.
  • It was a German cosmographer who suggested that the New World be designated ‘America.’
  • Dicuil, a cosmographer who wrote a description of the world c. 825 in the court of Charles the Bald, probably came from Iona, and he describes other Iona monks ranging as far north as the Faroes and as far south as Egypt.


Pronunciation: /ˌkäzməˈɡrafik/
Example sentences
  • We might, in fact, say that recent scholarship on cartography mirrors cartography itself in its variation between local, or topographic focus, and aspirations to universal, cosmographic range.
  • But historical processes may have disrupted or even aggrandized an original cosmographic plan.
  • So when we observe galaxies in the Coma Cluster in the springtime sky, we're looking across a cosmographic void.


Pronunciation: /ˌkäzməˈɡrafikəl/
Example sentences
  • Also included is an interesting cosmographical miscellany that is unpublished but holds a great deal of interest for historians of cartography.
  • This boom in cosmographical imagery in the 1650s seems to reflect a growing public awareness of the Copernican issue, which can also be attested from other sources.
  • This sumptuous book provided a cosmographical introduction similar to that in the Cosmographia but in a more elaborate and elegant way.


Late Middle English: from French cosmographie, or via late Latin from Greek kosmographia, from kosmos (see cosmos1) + -graphia 'writing'.

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Syllabification: cos·mog·ra·phy

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