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Syllabification: cramp
Pronunciation: /kramp


  • 1A painful, involuntary contraction of a muscle or muscles, typically caused by fatigue or strain: he suffered severe cramps in his foot
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    • The runner suffers severe muscle pain and cramp as well as crippling abdominal discomfort.
    • The etiology of nocturnal leg muscle cramps is not clear.
    • For a number of years, quinine sulfate has been widely used for the treatment of nocturnal leg muscle cramps.
    muscle/muscular spasm, pain, shooting pain, pang, stitch; Medicine hyperkinesis
  • 1.1 (cramps) North American Abdominal pain caused by menstruation.
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    • The last normal menstrual period, 7 years earlier, had lasted 6 days and was associated with abdominal cramps and pain.
    • Ibuprofen is helpful for menstrual cramps and pain from inflammation (such as muscle sprains).
    • The same remedies that work for menstrual cramps also lessen the pain of endometriosis.
  • 2A tool, typically shaped like a capital G, for clamping two objects together for gluing or other work.
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    • Clamping dovetails is not easy but I have found that it is possible to glue them up without cramps at all.
  • 2.1 (also cramp-iron) A metal bar with bent ends for holding masonry together.


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  • 2 [with object] Fasten with a cramp or cramps: cramp the gates to the posts
  • 3 [no object] Suffer from sudden and painful contractions of a muscle or muscles.
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    • Her hand had such low muscle tone that it cramped painfully as she tried to control the pencil when she wrote.
    • The first day back, my quadricep muscle was cramping.
    • There are a number of possible reasons for muscles to cramp up.


cramp someone's style

informal Prevent a person from acting freely or naturally.
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  • He said it cramps his style of getting really big bucks from Fat Cats.
  • The truth has not cramped their style in the past and is unlikely to do so during the current confirmation hearings.
  • A coalition government and a secular constitution have cramped their style.


late Middle English: from Middle Low German and Middle Dutch krampe; sense 1 of the noun is via Old French crampe.

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