Definition of cryptography in English:


Syllabification: cryp·tog·ra·phy
Pronunciation: /kripˈtäɡrəfē


The art of writing or solving codes.
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  • Mathematical cryptography, as bad as it sometimes is, is the strongest link in most security chains.
  • There are claims about breakthrough technology and totally new cryptography and the like.
  • A new kind of cryptography based on quantum physics is now ready for serious consideration.



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  • All over the world, cryptographers are trying to unlock Kryptos, a coded message of fiendish complexity that stands inscribed on a sculpture on the grounds of the CIA's headquarters.
  • Physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, cryptographers, engineers, biotechnologists - large numbers of scientists from all these fields contribute directly or indirectly to the development of weapons.
  • Modern cryptographers have embraced this principle, calling anything else ‘security by obscurity.’


Pronunciation: /ˌkriptəˈɡrafik/
More example sentences
  • As you probably know, it works in a cryptographic fashion.
  • The descriptions of cryptographic techniques earlier in the book are longer and more lucid while those towards the end of the book seem rushed.
  • Physical and cryptographic keys are regularly rotated to limit the duration of exposure in case of a breach.


Pronunciation: /ˌkriptəˈɡrafik(ə)lē/
More example sentences
  • The service runs on a cryptographically secured, fault-tolerant cluster of over a dozen servers in two near-military-grade secure Internet facilities in San Diego and San Jose.
  • Storage security solutions must provide the ability to cryptographically compartmentalise data on shared devices or networks, and customise access controls and security requirements for each ‘vault.’
  • They present each other with their respective certificates and cryptographically verify that those certificates were signed by your organization's certificate authority.

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