Definition of daft in English:


Syllabification: daft
Pronunciation: /daft


1Silly; foolish: don’t ask such daft questions
More example sentences
  • My dear old mother went as daft as a brush in her final years.
  • They were patient and polite, but they obviously wondered why I was asking such a daft question.
  • I ask her if she smokes, a daft question given that this is a tobacconist, but you have to start somewhere.
simpleminded, stupid, idiotic, slow, witless, feebleminded, empty-headed, vacuous, vapid;
unhinged, insane, mad
informal thick, dim, dopey, dumb, dimwitted, halfwitted, birdbrained, pea-brained, slow on the uptake, soft in the head, brain-dead, not all there, touched, crazy, mental, nuts, batty, bonkers, crackers, dumb-ass
vulgar slang batshit
1.1 (daft about) Infatuated with: we were all daft about him
More example sentences
  • I've been daft about cricket since I was young, and I was part of a successful squad until I was forced to pack it in at 26 when I tore my cartilage and ruptured my knee ligaments.
  • His mother Karen said that she and her husband, Kevin, who are both doctors, were both daft about puzzles and had encouraged Jack and younger sister Mia in their hobby.
  • Of course they are just daft about their rugby round here.


Old English gedæfte 'mild, meek', of Germanic origin; related to Gothic gadaban 'become or be fitting'.



More example sentences
  • In more recent years, Sarti's has become an excellent location for late-night daftness over a couple of bottles of Barolo.
  • Dark, menacing and overblown to the point of daftness, it's just like the real Wuthering Heights.
  • And delirious daftness without rhyme or reason is just plain boring and at the core of this film.

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