Definition of defender in English:


Syllabification: de·fend·er
Pronunciation: /dəˈfendər


1A person who defends someone or something: a defender of family values
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  • It is most unlikely that a determined defender of the cosmological line of reasoning would surrender even here.
  • His strongest opposition came from defenders of vested interest in his own party.
  • His image as a defender of the national interest made him popular among the masses.
1.1(In soccer, hockey, and other games) a player whose task it is to protect the team’s goal.
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  • Traps are most effective when the two defenders cover two sides of the offensive player.
  • With his back to goal and two defenders smothering him, he somehow manages to turn and make room for a shot, which he fires narrowly wide.
  • Bizarrely it was the fifth time this season that Doncaster have cashed in on an own goal, although the defender knew little about it.
1.2 Bridge Either member of the partnership that did not win the auction. Compare with declarer.
More example sentences
  • If there is a declarer, however, the two defenders should form a temporary partnership to defeat the declarer.
  • After the declarer and defenders are determined, each has the opportunity to discard and receive new cards.
  • In each hand one partnership are declarers and the other are the defenders.


Middle English: from Old French defendeor.

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