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defy Syllabification: de·fy
Pronunciation: /dəˈfī/

Definition of defy in English:

verb (defies, defying, defied)

[with object]
1Openly resist or refuse to obey: a woman who defies convention
More example sentences
  • She had openly defied the Government by refusing to sell her much needed medicine to the sick.
  • Pursuing a strategy of ‘massive resistance,’ many Southern officials openly defied the decision.
  • In a general way, the one who openly defies you, who refuses to cooperate with you is an open enemy.
1.1(Of a thing) make (an action or quality) almost impossible: his actions defy belief
More example sentences
  • The emerging malpractices and general chicanery of these cash-driven outfits defy belief.
  • He's so funny, and so purely charismatic here as to defy adequate description.
  • retreat weekend Occasionally one comes across an extraordinary place, which defies adequate description.
elude, escape, defeat;
frustrate, thwart, baffle
1.2 [with object and infinitive] Appear to be challenging (someone) to do or prove something: he glowered at her, defying her to mock him
More example sentences
  • There may be exceptions, but I defy anyone to prove me wrong on this point.
  • Police officers detained and arrested a woman after she violated the curfew and defied the officers' warnings to leave the downtown area last Thursday.
  • Every now and again a record comes along that defies you to ignore it, and here's one of them.
1.3 archaic Challenge to combat: go now, defy him to the combat
More example sentences
  • So the superhero who fights monsters also defies his guardian and falls in love.
  • On his way to Rome he slays the giant of St Michael's Mount; his ambassador Walwain defies the emperor and fights him bravely.


Middle English (in the senses 'renounce an allegiance' and 'challenge to combat'): from Old French desfier, based on Latin dis- (expressing reversal) + fidus 'faithful'.



Pronunciation: /dəˈfī(ə)r/
Example sentences
  • No reconstruction contracts or trade benefits have accrued to these defiers of Old Europe and the President needs to show support for his staunchest ally this week.
  • The defiers, or better still the self-defiers, include Lucifer, Don Juan, Prometheus.
  • Their authority is fundamentally illegitimate to begin with, meaning defiance carries no moral ambiguity, even if the physical consequences for the defier are deadly.

Words that rhyme with defy

ally, Altai, apply, assai, awry, ay, aye, Baha'i, belie, bi, Bligh, buy, by, bye, bye-bye, chi, Chiangmai, Ciskei, comply, cry, Cy, Dai, deny, Di, die, do-or-die, dry, Dubai, dye, espy, eye, fie, fly, forbye, fry, Frye, goodbye (US goodby), guy, hereby, hi, hie, high, I, imply, I-spy, July, kai, lie, lye, Mackay, misapply, my, nearby, nigh, Nye, outfly, passer-by, phi, pi, pie, ply, pry, psi, Qinghai, rai, rely, rocaille, rye, scry, serai, shanghai, shy, sigh, sky, Skye, sky-high, sly, spin-dry, spry, spy, sty, Sukhotai, supply, Tai, Thai, thereby, thigh, thy, tie, Transkei, try, tumble-dry, underlie, Versailles, Vi, vie, whereby, why, wry, Wye, xi, Xingtai, Yantai

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