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Syllabification: di·a·pir
Pronunciation: /ˈdīəˌpir


A domed rock formation in which a core of rock has moved upward to pierce the overlying strata.
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  • Essentially, this means that over geological timescales, diapirs flow through the sub-surface.
  • Mud diapirs, pockmarks and mud volcanoes are common features at seepage sites, where various pathways such as faults, other fractures and sedimentary discontinuities act as conduits for fluid seepage.
  • The established idea that granitoid magmas ascend through the continental crust as diapirs is being increasingly questioned by igneous and structural geologists.


early 20th century: from Greek diapeirainein 'pierce through', from dia 'through' + peirainein (from peran 'pierce').



Pronunciation: /ˌdīəˈpirik/
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  • In particular they show that the conspicuous strike swing in the host rocks around the complex is an earlier structure, that passively controlled emplacement, and is not the result of diapiric pluton emplacement.
  • Folds associated with intraformational faults in the Tertiary mudstones of the southernmost North Sea show a similar asymmetry, with anticlines locally developing into diapiric structures.
  • They flow under differential loading and when subjected to such loading or tectonic stress can produce diapiric structures, many of which have associated traps for hydrocarbons.


Pronunciation: /-ˌizəm/
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  • Attempting to provide a purely terrestrial explanation for the central uplift, 1 have suggested that it could have been caused by reactive diapirism of the Lower Jurassic succession beneath an extending Cretaceous cover.
  • Uplift would result from resultant mantle upwelling or asthenospheric diapirism.
  • One of the most impressive manifestations of salt diapirism is where diapirs emerge at the present surface as a glacier of pure salt, moving at rates of between ten and one hundred metres per thousand years.

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