Definition of disqualify in English:


Syllabification: dis·qual·i·fy
Pronunciation: /disˈkwäləˌfī

verb (disqualifies, disqualifying, disqualified)

[with object]
1Pronounce (someone) ineligible for an office or activity because of an offense or infringement: he was disqualified from driving for six months
More example sentences
  • A military appointing authority could choose to disqualify any panel member for good cause.
  • A court can disqualify directors for between two and 15 years for unfit conduct.
  • His words were not considered serious enough to refer to a national Administration Panel, which has the power to disqualify councillors from office for a fixed period of up to five years.
banned, barred, debarred;
1.1Eliminate (someone) from a competition because of an infringement of the rules: he was disqualified after failing a drug test
More example sentences
  • I hadn't paid attention, didn't know the rules, and got disqualified.
  • It was the same rule which had seen an earlier record attempt by Bannister disqualified.
  • Organiser, friend and golf club member Wendy Ryan said one player had previously reached 72 hours, but the effort was disqualified after official rules were broken.
1.2(Of a feature or characteristic) make (someone) unsuitable for an office or activity: a heart murmur disqualified him for military service
More example sentences
  • I don't see how either of those aspects would technically disqualify me from an unwanted job at a pet store, so I had some hope left.
  • The human element disqualifies science from the equation, and the bottom line is, the only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain.
  • If you want narrow dogma, how about the plight of a major political party in which being pro-life disqualifies you from seeking national office because special interests forbid it?

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