Definition of distinct in English:


Syllabification: dis·tinct
Pronunciation: /dəˈstiNG(k)t


1Recognizably different in nature from something else of a similar type: the patterns of spoken language are distinct from those of writing there are two distinct types of sickle cell disease
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  • This should be recognized as distinct from suppressing emotion.
  • Thus the nature of plants is quite distinct from the nature of rocks and sand.
  • There are different types of arthritis that occur in children that are distinct from adult types.
clear, well defined, unmistakable, easily distinguishable;
recognizable, visible, obvious, pronounced, prominent, striking
1.1Physically separate: the gallery is divided into five distinct spaces
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  • This remained physically and functionally distinct and probably remained a separate planning unit.
  • These are two separate, proudly distinct States, and yet both part of what we are happy to call the Union of India.
  • Even in cosmopolitan Warsaw, Jews and Poles inhabited not only separate districts, but distinct worlds.
precise, specific, distinctive, individual, contrasting
2Readily distinguishable by the senses: a distinct smell of nicotine
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  • Burkhard prints his own work and the end result is somewhat grainy with a distinct sense of texture.
  • We're both nonsmokers, and there was a very distinct smell of cigars about Henri Paul.
  • We arrive at the sailing club, and there's a distinct smell around.
2.1 [attributive] (Used for emphasis) so clearly apparent as to be unmistakable; definite: he got the distinct impression that Melissa wasn’t pleased
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  • I get a distinct impression that the money is important here.
  • The problem with using intent with respect to terrorism is the very distinct possibility of never determining anyone's intent.
  • A very distinct advantage to having a press pass is getting in before the general public.


late Middle English (in the sense 'differentiated'): from Latin distinctus 'separated, distinguished', from the verb distinguere (see distinguish).



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  • In addition, such distinctness enhances the between-group variance so essential to group selection and emergence of a higher-level unit.
  • Here strikes the distinctness for any traveller.
  • Even now ‘a sense of cultural distinctness remains politically relevant’.

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