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Syllabification: do·main
Pronunciation: /dōˈmān


1An area of territory owned or controlled by a ruler or government: the southwestern French domains of the Plantagenets
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  • The domains under her control included territories in both Burgundy and the Netherlands.
  • The vast domain now had an area of nearly eleven and a half million square miles, and a population of more than a fifth of the people of the globe.
  • The peripatetic household continued to gravitate towards the cities and towns of a ruler's domains, an urban environment providing the necessary infrastructures for court life.
realm, kingdom, empire, dominion, province, territory, land
1.1A specified sphere of activity or knowledge: the expanding domain of psychology figurative visual communication is the domain of the graphic designer
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  • After dark, the street milieu is the domain of the shadowy.
  • The one area where there is some similarity between the two wars is the domain of public opinion.
  • This is the domain of theology, cosmology and psychology.
field, area, sphere, discipline, province, world
1.2 Physics A discrete region of magnetism in ferromagnetic material.
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  • Ferromagnetic materials consist of tiny individual domains in which the magnetic moments of all the component atoms or molecules point in the same direction.
  • By altering the microstructure, we can create weak links between the ferromagnetic domains that should lead to new and interesting electronic networks.
  • The magnetic domains are essentially tiny magnets, each with a north and south pole.
1.3 Computing A distinct subset of the Internet with addresses sharing a common suffix or under the control of a particular organization or individual.
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  • If the people with those accounts didn't bother to change their e-mail address when the domain expired, you can collect their passwords.
  • The process for deciding ownership of Internet domains is flawed, biased and in drastic need of reform, an expert in Internet and e-commerce law has concluded in a study released today.
  • Thus, identity indirectly controls the list of domains you may enter.
1.4 Mathematics The set of possible values of the independent variable or variables of a function.
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  • Ten separate regression analyses were carried out, one regression analysis corresponding to each of the ten domains of the independent variables.
  • In this case, this is not a problem, since the domain of the sine function is all real numbers.
  • One of the first papers which he published after arriving in the United States was on the Euclidean algorithm in principal ideal domains.


late Middle English (denoting heritable or landed property): from French domaine, alteration (by association with Latin dominus 'lord') of Old French demeine 'belonging to a lord' (see demesne).



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  • There is a domanial charge for occupying the land and the building at the current price and a commercial charge as mentioned above.
  • Since then, the Lower Court of Elene became the seat of the domanial and feudal rights.
  • The Commission's funds and rights against others shall be deemed as domanial property, to be collected in accordance with the provisions of the Collection of Domanial Property Law in force.

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