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Syllabification: douche
Pronunciation: /do͞oSH


  • 1A shower of water: a daily douche
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    • But this magical tale ends with a typically Chinese douche of cold water.
    • To this feverish regime of irresponsibility, is it possible that he has recently administered the first bracing douche of an overdue cold bath?
    • He does say though that the ‘stunts that wouldn't look amiss in a video arcade’ and he praises him for expertly applying ‘the cold douche of unreality’.
  • 1.1A jet of liquid applied to part of the body for cleansing or medicinal purposes.
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    • In the end, the douche circulatoire turned out to be the kind of thing the fishmonger does to a fish, without all the messy gutting and filleting.
    • It is even used as a douche and topically for treating fungal infections and soothing stings.
    • Hoping the heritage of the Massengill name will be strong enough to hold its own against deep-pocketed new-corners, SmithKline Beecham this spring will introduce extensions to its feminine hygiene line best known for douches.
  • 1.2A device for washing out the vagina as a contraceptive measure.
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    • The chemicals in vaginal douches may irritate your vagina and change the normal balance of good bacteria.
    • Egyptian papyri describe pessaries and vaginal douches, which could have been effective.
    • Irritation can be caused by douches, vaginal sprays, contraceptives, tampons and pads, soap, or detergent and fabric softeners.
  • 2 informal , chiefly North American An obnoxious or contemptible person, typically a man: that guy is such a douche
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    • One day soon he will be confronted by a classmate on campus and he will be told emphatically: stop being such a douche.
    • The guy's a total douche.
    • Here he is, the biggest douche in the universe.


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  • 1Spray or shower with water.
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    • To use the rock or spray you douche the underarm and apply; it usually dries within a minute.
    • With a smirk, he had given her a bottle of solution, and had, in public, forced her to douche herself with it.
    • Li said that there had always been traditional wisdom and anecdotal evidence for sex selection methods, such as altering the pH level of vaginal fluids by douching the vagina with vinegar.
  • 1.1 [no object] Use a douche as a method of contraception.
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    • Taking 20 aspirin is just plain dumb, though not as dumb as douching with Coca-Cola - this stuff can corrode metal and you wanna squirt it where?
    • But the reader is to presume here that this ad is taking place on Saturday or Sunday and that she hasn't douched in almost a week.
    • Two studies of patients attending family planning clinics in Texas found the overall rates of douching to be 70 percent, with 51 percent of women douching at least once a week.


mid 18th century (as a noun): via French from Italian doccia 'conduit pipe', from docciare 'pour by drops', based on Latin ductus 'leading' (see duct).

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