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Syllabification: drab
Pronunciation: /drab

adjective (drabber, drabbest)

1Lacking brightness or interest; drearily dull: the landscape was drab and gray her drab suburban existence
More example sentences
  • Handicrafts have been directed not only to fulfil one's daily requirement but to add beauty and brightness in the otherwise dull and drab existence.
  • Whatever this meeting brought, one thing for sure was that it would brighten my somewhat drab existence - my so-called life.
  • It's the only point of interest in his excruciatingly drab life, which is rendered more unhappy by his incessant bullying at the hands of seven overbearing sisters.
colorless, gray, dull, washed out, muted, lackluster;
unexciting, unimaginative, uninspiring, insipid, lackluster, flat, stale, wishy-washy, colorless;
lame, tired, sterile, anemic, barren, tame;
middle-of-the-road, run-of-the-mill, mediocre, nondescript, characterless, mundane, unremarkable, humdrum, plain-vanilla
2Of a dull light brown color: drab camouflage uniforms
More example sentences
  • His hat matched his light brown, drab overcoat.
  • They were dressed in their brown drab uniform with armor strapped over it and sporting open faced helmets; they were the enemy.
  • As if dressing for their performance, the males turn from drab brown to a pale beige color that contrasts with the darker mud.


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Fabric of a dull brownish color.


mid 16th century (as a noun denoting undyed cloth): probably from Old French drap 'cloth' (see drape).



More example sentences
  • This time she wasn't dressing as drably as possible.
  • That headline reads like the title of a Monty Python sketch or an obscure, slightly funny but drably photographed art-house movie.
  • ‘I was terrified that the first episode began so slowly and drably that it would put people off,’ he admits.


More example sentences
  • I got the underpainting done today, experiencing the old feeling that a nice fresh drawing was being submerged in a more or less monotone drabness.
  • Moreover, ways must be found to create communal urban space capable of mitigating the drabness and dreariness of most public housing developments.
  • The contrast between the plain exterior and the immensely rich interior is like a sharp blow: perhaps an intended device to remind us of the drabness of the outer life and the vibrant richness of the inner life?

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