Definition of drizzle in English:


Syllabification: driz·zle
Pronunciation: /ˈdrizəl


1Light rain falling in very fine drops: Boston will be cloudy with patchy drizzle [in singular]: a steady drizzle has been falling since 3 a.m.
More example sentences
  • A light drizzle of rain fell, gradually picking up speed and fury.
  • The clouds that were grey in the morning were now black and a light drizzle of rain fell on her face.
  • By this time, the light drizzle had become steady rain.
fine rain, light shower, spray, mist
1.1 [in singular] (In cooking) a thin stream of a liquid ingredient trickled over food.
More example sentences
  • As you add more oil, you can increase the rate of drizzle to a thin stream.
  • It arrived, aromatic strips of grilled meat on a mound of arugula with a crisp baked potato and a drizzle of peppery olive oil.
  • Serve with crostini and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, if desired.
trickle, dribble, drip, stream, rivulet;
sprinkle, sprinkling


[no object] (it drizzles, it is drizzling, etc.) Back to top  
1Rain lightly: it’s started to drizzle (as adjective drizzling) the drizzling rain
More example sentences
  • Leanne had awoken to another dreary day, the rain drizzling lightly.
  • The rain lightly drizzled around us, the air was chilly and I was thankful for wearing my warm coat over a windcheater.
  • On the morning of the funeral, the sky was grey and rain was drizzling; perfect funeral weather.
rain lightly, shower, spot, spit, sprinkle
1.1 [with object] Trickle a thin stream of (a liquid ingredient) over food: drizzle the clarified butter over the top
More example sentences
  • Lay them in a single layer on a baking sheet, and drizzle them with a thin stream of olive oil - it doesn't take much.
  • As before, it looked great - the sauce was drizzled around the mousse and a spear of thin biscuit jutted dramatically out of the top.
  • In a slow stream, drizzle in enough oil to bind ingredients together until thick and creamy, like mayonnaise.
trickle, drip, dribble, pour, splash, sprinkle
1.2 [with object] Cause a liquid ingredient to trickle over (food) in this way: raspberries drizzled with melted chocolate
More example sentences
  • He had chopped up some apples, a banana, a grapefruit, and an orange in a bowl, and drizzled honey and lemon juice over it.
  • I didn't think of it at the time, but drizzling a little chocolate sauce around the plate would be a good idea.
  • To top it all off, one side of the dish is drizzled with a roasted red pepper sauce, the other side with pesto.


mid 16th century: probably based on Old English drēosan 'to fall', of Germanic origin; probably related to dreary.



Pronunciation: /-z(ə)lē/
More example sentences
  • ‘I hereby declare this to be a holiday, Dolly,’ I said, standing in the kitchen doorway contemplating a damp, drizzly, rather chilly and miserable day.
  • It was cold and windy and drizzly, so the only thing to do was order a bacon sandwich and a mug of coffee, and watch the leaves fall off the trees by the canal.
  • I don't know about you, but I enjoy drizzly, cold winter afternoons - night closing in, lights from the traffic reflected in puddles, hurrying to get back to a nice warm home, that kind of thing.

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