Definition of dry in English:

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Pronunciation: /drī/

adjective (drier, driest)

1Free from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist: the jacket kept me warm and dry he wiped it dry with his shirt
More example sentences
  • When cleaning the body of the light, it is recommended to use a dry, lint free cloth for the best possible result.
  • Traffic constable Paul Davenport told the inquest that at the time of the accident, the road was dry, clean and free from any obstruction.
  • If the soil seems too dry or too moist, adjust the controller.
parched, dried, withered, shriveled, wilted, wizened;
crisp, crispy, brittle;
dehydrated, desiccated
hard, stale, old, past its best
1.1Having lost all wetness or moisture over a period of time: dry paint
More example sentences
  • They knew the city might well end the practice before they could obtain a license, and they knew the courts could nullify the marriage before the ink was dry.
  • It happened in 1983 and it happened in 1993 and if it happens next weekend, the record books will have to be re-written before the ink is properly dry.
  • The ink is barely dry on the deal, but already interested parties in Australia are focussing on the process ahead.
1.2For use without liquid: the conversion of dry latrines into flush toilets
More example sentences
  • Calvert points out that the floods triggered by the recent storm surge had demonstrated the eco friendly nature of the dry latrines.
  • Under this Act construction of a dry latrine and its manual cleaning was made an offence.
  • But even where activists have successfully sealed dry latrines, the fate of the people is pathetic.
1.3With little or no rainfall or humidity: the West Coast has had two dry winters in a row
More example sentences
  • During the growing season, keep the roots moist in dry weather and take care when weeding, as blackcurrants are shallow-rooted.
  • On my first visit to the short grass plains of the southern Serengeti, they were as parched and dry as any desert.
  • The polar continental is usually a dry air mass, having little distance to travel over the sea.
arid, parched, droughty, scorched, baked;
waterless, moistureless, rainless;
dehydrated, desiccated, thirsty, bone dry
1.4(Of a river, lake, or stream) empty of water as a result of evaporation and lack of rainfall: the river is always dry at this time of year
More example sentences
  • Almost all of these are away from major rivers, dry creeks, and sagebrush flats, where recent sediments tend to cover the older rocks.
  • When water from a nearby active stream flooded into the dry watercourse, the nests and eggs, like those on the flats, were inundated with mud.
  • In Australia, salt is produced by solar evaporation from sea water, saline lake waters, underground brines and harvested from dry lake beds.
waterless, empty
1.5(Of a source) not yielding a supply of water or oil: a dry well
More example sentences
  • Residents have turned to the murky pond for their water supply, as truck- and pipe-borne sources have been almost dry.
  • Since then, one of the wells used to supply the community with water has gone dry.
  • Hesaraghatta lake, one of the biggest sources of fresh water supply to the city, went dry quite sometime ago.
1.6Thirsty or thirst-making: working in the hot sun is making me dry dry work
More example sentences
  • Early in the afternoon, they approached a small cottage, where no well could be seen, but the pilgrims were thirsty and dry.
  • Ice cream sells better in winter in pedestrian malls and large department stores, whose air-conditioning systems often make shoppers feel hot and dry.
  • The drinking habits of the time involved the guest calling for a drink every time he felt dry.
thirsty, dehydrated
informal parched, gasping
thirsty, thirst-making;
strenuous, arduous
1.7(Of a cow or other domestic animal) having stopped producing milk.
Example sentences
  • Yearling cattle, heifers and dry cows could be used to follow finishing cattle to clear off paddocks that have dried out.
  • Some winter feeding regimes such as the overwintering of dry suckler cows require little more than maintenance diets.
  • Cow numbers were held constant at 100 mature lactating and dry cows, plus replacements.
1.8Without grease or other moisturizer or lubricator: cream conditioners for dry hair his throat was dry and sore
More example sentences
  • However, I kept noticing things before we left, like my face was too dry, then my hair was too dry, then I had to find lip gloss because my face was looking blah!
  • If you can't find a conditioner for black hair, try one designed for dry hair instead as these will have a similar effect.
  • If your hair is very dry, damaged or chemically treated, treat yourself to a deep conditioning once a week.
1.9(Of bread or toast) without butter or other spreads: only dry bread and water
More example sentences
  • Chances are quite good that lunch on any given weekday was a hamburger patty and cheese on plain, dry bread served with fries.
  • He hardly ate, a bag of nuts or dry bread seeing him through the day.
  • I also enjoy a light, fluffy omelet, or maybe basted eggs with bacon or strawberries and dry toast.
unbuttered, butterless, plain
2Bare or lacking adornment: the dry facts
2.1Unexciting; dull: by current tastes the text is dry
More example sentences
  • I began to read less and less in college as classes demanded more time with dull, dry textbooks and other assigned works.
  • Commentaries on Bond discs have always been dry and dull.
  • The reason why these toys catch their fancy is that life for them after school is generally dry and dull with very few activities to keep them happy.
bare, simple, basic, fundamental, stark, bald, hard, straightforward
2.2Unemotional, undemonstrative, or impassive: Ralph gave me a dry, silent wave
More example sentences
  • I always love the incredibly dry, spare tone of the Times when it approaches ultra-weird subjects.
  • The politician's agenda does tend to be as dry and unemotional as his personality.
  • A dry skepticism likewise informs her views on the art world, and on the varying fortunes of Duchamp's work and reputation within it.
unemotional, indifferent, impassive, cool, cold, emotionless;
reserved, restrained, impersonal, formal, stiff, wooden
2.3(Of a joke or sense of humor) subtle, expressed in a matter-of-fact way, and having the appearance of being unconscious or unintentional: he delighted his friends with a dry, covert sense of humor
More example sentences
  • He will be remembered for his quick wit, his one-liners and his dry sense of humour.
  • The show was hosted by a young woman who also injected a dry sense of humour into her performance.
  • But viewer beware, a dry sense of humour is needed to enjoy this movie to its fullest.
wry, subtle, laconic, sharp;
ironic, sardonic, sarcastic, cynical;
satirical, mocking, droll
informal waggish
3Prohibiting the sale or consumption of alcoholic drink: Indiana stayed dry after the end of prohibition
More example sentences
  • It's hard to find a country where a great many of the social ills aren't related to drink or drugs, particularly in the ones that are dry or have prohibition.
  • But the Wilson Act also left a loophole, in that it did not allow dry states to prohibit the importation of alcohol for personal use.
  • The distillery, you see, lies in a parish that's been dry since prohibition.
teetotal, prohibitionist, alcohol-free, nondrinking, abstinent, sober
informal on the wagon
3.1(Of a person) no longer addicted to or drinking alcohol: I heard much talk about how sobriety was more than staying straight or dry
More example sentences
  • Some people compare it to an alcoholic still craving a drink after being dry for years, but I am a steady weight now and take pride in my appearance.
  • Mr Keane senior was an alcoholic who would be dry for several months and a raging drunk the rest of the time.
  • He is a dry alcoholic: that is, he simply quit one day, without going through Alcoholics Anonymous or any similar group.
4(Of an alcoholic drink) not sweet: a dry, medium-bodied red wine
More example sentences
  • With spring swigging in mind, Somerfield is introducing a juicy new range of Antipodean Riesling, dry muscat, Sauvignon Blanc and Verdelho wines.
  • Although many of the wines are dry, sweet Vermentino wines are also produced.
  • Clearly a dry wine such as a Fino Sherry or Sercial Madeira is most appropriate at the start of the meal, not the end.
crisp, sharp, piquant, tart, bitter

verb (dries, drying, dried)

[no object]
1Become dry: waiting for the paint to dry come in out of the rain and dry off do not let the soil dry out pools are left as the rivers dry up
More example sentences
  • The flood victims either install themselves at our campsite or head back to London to dry off and restock, while I snatch a couple of hours sleep.
  • My companion ventured back to the beach to dry off.
  • We sleep in the cheapest motel we can find, hanging up our clothes and sleeping bags in the room so that they can dry off.
1.1 [with object] Cause to become dry: they had washed and dried their hair
More example sentences
  • Isn't it obvious that such an elaborate grooming procedure would be left to after one has washed and dried one's hair?
  • She quickly hopped in the shower, washed her hair, then dried it.
  • To sterilise your jars before potting, wash them well then dry them in a low oven.
parch, scorch, bake;
dehydrate, desiccate, dehumidify
1.2 [with object] Wipe tears from (the eyes): she dried her eyes and blew her nose
More example sentences
  • Brett saw Daniel leave and leapt up, trying to dry his eyes but he knew his cheeks were still tear stained.
  • He got in his car and leaned his head back against the seat, he dried his eyes from threatening tears and drove off.
  • Sasha dried his eyes up a bit by wiping them on his shirt and tried to talk straight.
wipe, rub, dab
1.3Wipe dishes dry with a cloth after they have been washed.
Example sentences
  • When I helped Gemma to dry up, the tea towel slid on oily cutlery.
  • Finished painting the conservatory, had something to eat, washed up, dried up, and ironed a top for tomorrow.
  • ‘I'll wash, you dry,’ said Jake, turning on the tap and staring at the water that gushed out.
1.4 [with object] (usually as adjective dried) Preserve by allowing or encouraging evaporation of moisture from: dried flowers
More example sentences
  • Fragrant barks and dried flowers hold their own appeal.
  • Healthy nibbles, for me, would be dried fruit, fruit and yoghurt.
  • Because I am currently burning the candle at both ends, got home and made my bread, left it to rise, and made my Moroccan dried fruit salad.
dehydrated, desiccated, dry, dried up, moistureless
dehydrate, desiccate;
wither, shrivel
desiccate, dehydrate;
preserve, cure, smoke
2 theatrical slang Forget one’s lines: a colleague of mine once dried in the middle of a scene
More example sentences
  • I averted my eyes from Guinness to watch Tony, and Alec dried, that is, he forgot his lines.
  • Sox is an actor who dries at an audition because he cannot relate to the character of a township gangster.

noun (plural dries or drys)

US A person in favor of the prohibition of alcohol.
Example sentences
  • ‘So far, then, as the liquor issue may figure in the campaign,’ the Century editorialized, ‘the drys can have nothing but opposition to the Democratic campaign’.
  • To do that, Snider heads out to the various tour stops and surveys the dries, including the hotels they may stay in, the surrounding areas and potential performance halls.
  • Exploiting division in their opponents' ranks, drys drafted the bill and pressured Congress to pass it.



come up dry

North American Be unsuccessful: experiments have so far come up dry
More example sentences
  • But in the aftermath of our victory, the search for evidence of this program has thus far come up dry.
  • Apparently the investigation came up dry and was suspended.
  • Between now and then, we either have to find some weapons of mass destruction, or come up with an incredibly plausible reason why our searches are coming up dry.

(as) dry as a bone

Extremely dry.
Example sentences
  • As water bodies dry up, and the supply lines remain dry as a bone, the city residents are in for a long and hot spell of drought.
  • But there was disappointment for visitors to Piccadilly Gardens, because the water feature there was dry as a bone after it stopped working.
  • In just a matter of weeks, Colorado and the surrounding states suddenly go dry as a bone.

(as) dry as dust

Extremely dry.
Example sentences
  • Her arms and legs felt like hundred-pound weights; the inside of Tory's mouth felt like the sand of the Sahara desert, dry as dust.
  • Cocoa Puffs, dry as dust and hard as she poured them into the bowl, the glass still warm from the hot water.
  • My dad would try every now and then but his potatoes were dry as dust.
3.1Extremely dull; lacking emotion, expression, or interest: what the students learned was as dry as dust
More example sentences
  • I searched in vain for a subject that wasn't deadly boring, dry as dust, and leached of every detail of the kind that makes things interesting in real life.
  • US audiences will find this latter subject dry as dust and uninteresting.
  • Van Gogh may have attended art school in Antwerp, but he found it dry as dust and here we see his real teachers: Delacroix Courbet, Millet and Rembrandt.

there wasn't a dry eye (in the house)

(With reference to a play, film, or similar event) everyone in the audience was moved to tears.
Example sentences
  • Jackie's beautiful cousin sang ‘Ring-a-ring-a-Rosie ‘and there wasn't a dry eye in the house.
  • After the three children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia were all named Child of the Year, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.
  • Perhaps the most moving moment was when Michael's boyfriend read out a little speech, and when he quoted a Dusty song at the end I'm sure there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Phrasal verbs


dry out

informal (Of an alcoholic) abstain from alcoholic drink, especially as part of a detoxification program: he intends to dry out and get his life back together again
More example sentences
  • Billy's lawyer alleges that Iris has a drink problem, while her lawyer claims that he had spent three weeks in a monastery drying out.
  • Apparently she's drying out in a hospital somewhere.
  • It's the additional bottle of schnapps for the alky who should be drying out.
give up drinking, give up alcohol, become a teetotaler, go on the wagon

dry up

1 informal Cease talking: then he dried up, and Phil couldn’t get another word out of him
More example sentences
  • As BBC producers knew only too well, although he was a great talker, when faced with a microphone, he would dry up.
  • I am worried that when I perform in front of people, I will dry up.
2(Of something perceived as a continuous flow or source) decrease and stop: his commissions began to dry up
More example sentences
  • With non-renewable energy sources drying up pretty rapidly alternatives will start to come on stream consistently in the coming years, Dr O'Connor said.
  • Many companies in the US over-invested on the back of ambitious growth forecasts and find themselves heavily indebted as cash flows dry up.
  • I think his cash flow may dry up and he won't be able to put his kids through college.



Pronunciation: /ˈdrīiSH/
Example sentences
  • The forecast is for a mainly dry night and dryish day tomorrow.
  • The forecasters are split between light rain and dryish gloom for tomorrow afternoon but come together again on the longer-term prospects.
  • Generally, fondue is served with dryish bread cubes, skewered and then dipped into the cheese mixture.


Old English drȳge (adjective), drȳgan (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Middle Low German dröge, Dutch droog, and German trocken.

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