Definition of effectively in English:


Syllabification: ef·fec·tive·ly
Pronunciation: /əˈfektəvlē


1In such a manner as to achieve a desired result: make sure that resources are used effectively
More example sentences
  • Although such control is desirable, it is impossible to see how it can be effectively achieved.
  • Sulphur dioxide blocks it effectively, in a manner not yet fully understood.
  • The more you practice, the better you will get at both asking effectively and getting results.
1.1Actually but not officially or explicitly: they were effectively controlled by the people they were supposed to be investigating [sentence adverb]: effectively, this means that companies will be able to avoid regulations
More example sentences
  • Usually the inflammation and pain can be effectively controlled with one or other of these medications.
  • This acts as a straitjacket and means that governments effectively lose control of their own economies.
  • When that money runs out, the union would effectively come under college control.

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