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Syllabification: e·lec·trol·y·sis
Pronunciation: /ilekˈträləsis, ˌēlek-


  • 1 Chemistry Chemical decomposition produced by passing an electric current through a liquid or solution containing ions.
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    • The free element sodium was first produced in 1807 by the English chemist Humphry Davy by electrolysis of molten sodium hydroxide.
    • Perhaps the best known example of electrolysis is the electrolytic decomposition of water to produce hydrogen and oxygen.
    • The technique that he developed, electrolysis of potassium fluoride in anhydrous liquid hydrogen fluoride, is still used today, with some modifications.
  • 2The removal of hair roots or small blemishes on the skin by the application of heat using an electric current.
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    • We also refer patients for mechanical control measures of hair growth including electrolysis and laser therapy.
    • It is appropriate to institute permanent methods of hair removal by way of electrolysis or laser ablation after suppression of hyperandrogenism has been achieved.
    • However, electrolysis is considered to be a permanent method of hair removal.



Pronunciation: /iˌlektrəˈlitik/
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  • But you've already admitted that on-site electrolytic hydrogen production solves that problem without the need for a huge hydrogen infrastructure.
  • The company was producing 19,000 tonnes each year of electrolytic manganese dioxide exported mainly to the US and Europe.
  • Five horses lost co-ordination, but returned to health when moved and treated with an electrolytic solution.


Pronunciation: /iˌlektrəˈlitikəl/
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  • Such industrial applications all relate to the synthesis of chemicals by some form of electrolytical method.
  • The invention describes a process for the electrolytical coating of an object of steel on one or both sides.
  • The separation of trace metals from solutions of electrolytes by electrodeposition in a 30 l electrolytical flow-through cell was studied.


Pronunciation: /iˌlektrəˈlitik(ə)lē/
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  • The powder is usually fabricated by the mechanical commutation of vacuum-cast ingots of magnesium-reduced beryllium pebbles or electrolytically produced beryllium flakes.
  • Plastic is used extensively throughout the body as is aluminum - electrolytically colored in order to cut weight.
  • In a dry chemical reprocessing method, uranium type elements are electrolytically refined continuously.

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