Definition of emend in English:


Syllabification: e·mend
Pronunciation: /əˈmend


[with object]
1Make corrections and improvements to (a text).
More example sentences
  • The first were the scabini, officials with specific juridical competence, the second were the iudices, responsible for reproducing and emending juridical texts, and finally the custodians of the lay archives.
  • Many modern editions, including the Oxford, take the view that the novel in part derives from the play, and use it to emend the defective quarto text.
  • But the work shall not be wholly lost: for it will, as he believed, appear once more, in a new and more perfect edition, corrected and emended by another author.
correct, rectify, repair, fix; improve, enhance, polish, refine, amend; edit, rewrite, revise, copyedit, redraft, recast, rephrase, reword, rework, alter, change, modify
rare redact
1.1Alter (something) in such a way as to correct it: the year of his death might need to be emended to 652 [with clause]: he hesitated and quickly emended what he had said
More example sentences
  • In 1969, Rolfe correctly emended the spellings of the archaeostracan families by inserting id before the familial suffix.
  • The guest curator, John Ayers, has written an essay for the catalogue that emends flaws in dating and attribution erroneously accepted as the last word for decades.
  • This arrangement was followed by Whittington in the Treatise, but was emended in 1963.


late Middle English: from Latin emendare, from e- (variant of ex-) 'out of' + menda 'a fault'. Compare with amend.



More example sentences
  • To say that a concept is "open" is to say that it is emendable.
  • They were a product of their times, and philosophy, like science, is emendable.


More example sentences
  • The following sentence offends in another way and requires the hand of the emender as much as any passage in the original Greek.
  • The emender changed the original a to e, though the e is still partially visible.

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