Definition of emit in English:


Syllabification: e·mit
Pronunciation: /əˈmit

verb (emits, emitting, emitted)

[with object]
1Produce and discharge (something, especially gas or radiation): coal-fired power stations continue to emit large quantities of sulfur dioxide
More example sentences
  • In this model the gamma rays are emitted as synchrotron radiation by electrons that are accelerated to much lower energies.
  • At a synchrotron radiation source, electrons emit radiation as they are guided by magnets around a storage ring.
  • The intensity of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by a source varies as a function of both frequency and direction.
discharge, release, give out/off, pour out, send forth, throw out, void, vent, issue;
leak, ooze, excrete, disgorge, secrete, eject, ejaculate;
spout, belch, spew out;
emanate, radiate, exude
1.1Make (a sound): she emitted a sound like laughter
More example sentences
  • Pooh briefly emitted a noise that sounded vaguely like some kind of curse.
  • The headphones emit a sound that cancels out airplane noise.
  • Poppy was huddled in a rabbit hutch, both her ears held flat to her head, making meowing actions but emitting no sound.
utter, voice, let out, produce, give vent to, come out with, vocalize
1.2Issue formally and with authority; put into circulation, especially currency.


early 17th century: from Latin emittere, from e- (variant of ex-) 'out of' + mittere 'send'.

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