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Syllabification: e·nam·el
Pronunciation: /iˈnaməl


  • 1An opaque or semitransparent glassy substance applied to metallic or other hard surfaces for ornament or as a protective coating.
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    • Bright impervious surfaces in plaster, white paint, vitreous enamel, glass or stainless steel are not just cleanable but seen to be clean.
    • Creamy appliance wax can be used on painted surfaces for protection and ease of cleaning, but is not needed on porcelain enamel surfaces.
    • Ting has used a range of materials including English bone china, glass, enamel and platinum.
  • 1.1A work of art executed in enamel.
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    • Under his direction, wares in the style of the French renaissance Limoges enamels were executed.
    • The plaque illustrated here may show the influence of Liomges enamels, demonstrating Rodin's interest in renaissance art.
    • A panel painting might have a background of stamped, gilded gesso and enamels and precious stones in its frame.
  • 1.2The hard glossy substance that covers the crown of a tooth.
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    • There are two parts to a tooth: the crown, which is covered by enamel and is the visible part of the tooth, and the root, which lies underneath the gums.
    • The bacteria digest the carbohydrates in the food and produce acid, which dissolves the tooth's enamel and causes a cavity.
    • Human teeth are made up of four different types of tissue: pulp, dentin, enamel, and cementum.
  • 1.3 (also enamel paint) A paint that dries to give a smooth, hard coat.
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    • Sand, prime, and paint the chair using two or more coats of semigloss latex enamel paint.
    • Remove wallpaper and install tile, or paint walls with mold-resistant enamel paint.
    • Evidence of her home-grown methods can be found in the alligatored texture of some of her pieces, where she may have layered enamel paint before the undercoat dried.
  • 1.4 dated Nail polish.
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    • Light pink nail enamel will make the hands even more charming.
    • The cell suspension was put into it and the open edges were completely sealed with nail enamel.
    • The colour selected for nail enamel should usually accord to the colour of your lipstick or attire.

verb (enamels, enameling, enameled ; British enamels, enamelling, enamelled)

[with object] (often as adjective enameled) Back to top  
  • 1Coat or decorate (a metallic or hard object) with enamel: an enameled roasting pan
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    • Mothers or older sisters will love the pretty enamelled jewellery from Les Nereides.
    • Templar links to the local area have been found at the Old Church in Maghera where a bronze enamelled plaque was found in the graveyard.
    • I make enamelled jewellery and run the shop from which it is sold.
  • 1.1 dated Apply nail polish to (fingernails or toenails).



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  • I'm one of a small group of full-time enamellers working in Ireland today.
  • Since then I have worked with one of the best enamellers in the country, and have taken over the workshop where I began my career.
  • However, often engravers’ and enamellers ' signatures do appear.




late Middle English (originally as a verb; formerly also as inamel): from Anglo-Norman French enamailler, from en- 'in, on' + amail 'enamel', ultimately of Germanic origin.

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