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Syllabification: en·code
Pronunciation: /enˈkōd


[with object]
  • 1Convert into a coded form.
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    • Private banks also open accounts under code names and will, when asked, refer to clients by code names or encode account transactions.
    • Did Leonardo Da Vinci encode this secret in his paintings?
    • The information was so militarily sensitive that the weather reports were encoded before being transmitted.
  • 1.1 Computing Convert (information or an instruction) into a particular form: the amount of time required to encode a WAV file to MP3 format
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    • The keyboard encoder takes that information, encodes it in a digital form the main computer can understand, and passes it to the computer via the keyboard port.
    • The output, together with the card's pin code, was sent to him electronically via steganography - a technology for encoding information into pictures.
    • Holography not only maps the intensities of the light, as do normal diffraction patterns, it also encodes information about the phases of the light that is otherwise intrinsically lost.
  • 1.2 Biochemistry (Of a gene) be responsible for producing (a substance or behavior).
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    • Each pathway contains its own enzymes encoded by different genes.
    • PSK precursor proteins are encoded by small gene families.
    • Proteins encoded by sperm genes in both males and hermaphrodites evolve more rapidly than most other types of genes.



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  • Both fluorescent proteins are genetically encodable, their emission spectra are well separated and mRFP1 is monomeric, reducing the possibility of protein function inhibition.
  • Some structures are encodable in one model but not encodable in others.


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  • Some encoders are free while others are shareware or pay-ware.
  • He said it was a ‘simple system with a simple lens’ which uses an optical encoder so that no information in images is lost.
  • Each cell has an encoder and receiver to transmit, receive and respond to messages.


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  • The former received the ULTRA intelligence - transmitted from the British Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park by the one-time pad method of encodement or later by the Typex machine - and the latter deciphered and disseminated it.

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