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Syllabification: e·nu·mer·ate
Pronunciation: /əˈn(y)o͞oməˌrāt


[with object]
1Mention (a number of things) one by one: there is not space to enumerate all his works
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  • Similarly, in the chapter on opera buffa's social reversals, the author enumerates a number of later contributions in a footnote, but she does not incorporate them into her discussion.
  • I would need more fingers and toes than I have to enumerate the number of people who contacted me to say ‘well done’ on going so forcefully public on the matter.
  • For their part, the miners enumerate the number of jobs the industry provides.
list, itemize, set out, give;
cite, name, specify, identify, spell out, detail, particularize
1.1 formal Establish the number of: the 2000 census enumerated 10,493 households in the county
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  • In 1880, the city directory enumerated a total of 1,042 saloons, with 6.72 saloons per 1,000 individuals.
  • This was further examined by enumerating the number of eosinophils that accumulated around the airways of the allergen-challenged animals.
  • There was no attempt to enumerate the number of students in these subgroups because the small numbers would not have provided a statistically significant sample.
calculate, compute, count, add up, tally, total, number, quantify;
reckon, work out, tot up


early 17th century: from Latin enumerat- 'counted out', from the verb enumerare, from e- (variant of ex-) 'out' + numerus 'number'.



Pronunciation: /iˌn(y)o͞oməˈrāSHən/
More example sentences
  • Our post attempted to avoid being bogged down in the enumeration of particular instances of this or that phenomena.
  • Gone will be perspectives and ideas that transcend local boundaries - in will be enumeration of ordinary details and stamp-collecting.
  • After 1850, however, the federal and state census enumerations augment the history by listing individual names.


Pronunciation: /-rətiv, -ˌrātiv/
More example sentences
  • One type is enumerative in nature and involves asking as many people as possible and then reporting the raw numbers.
  • For enumerative research, random sampling could provide statistically based generalizability, although even here the sampling frame is often a restricted version of the target population.
  • In his early work he investigated quadrics, algebraic curves, complexes, and congruences in the spirit of nineteenth-century projective, metrical, and enumerative geometry.

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