Definition of epistemology in English:


Syllabification: e·pis·te·mol·o·gy
Pronunciation: /iˌpistəˈmäləjē


The theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion.
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  • The turn from epistemology to ontology was taken before Heidegger by Nicolai Hartmann.
  • The authentic scientific ring of Russell's logic echoed in his epistemology of natural knowledge, Quine wrote.
  • In Britain, John Locke reacted against the innatism of Cartesian epistemology, but retained a theory of ideas.


mid 19th century: from Greek epistēmē 'knowledge', from epistasthai 'know, know how to do'.



Pronunciation: /-məˈläjikəl/
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  • Descartes' epistemological agenda has been the agenda of Western epistemology to this day.
  • Such a position does indeed amount to a form of epistemological relativism.
  • So while Nietzsche may well have a genuine epistemological / metaphysical model of the world, it takes a lot of digging to find it.


Pronunciation: /-məˈläjik(ə)lē/
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  • Hence, reality is epistemologically dependent but ontologically independent of language.
  • I don't think I am doing him an injustice if I say that epistemologically he was essentially a logicist and positivist.
  • Descartes, as is well known, felt that God's existence could be, and epistemologically had to be, demonstrated, and offered a variety of proofs to provide such a demonstration.


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  • It was sad for epistemologists, Hume and others, to have to acquiesce in the impossibility of strictly deriving the science of the external world from sensory evidence.
  • This is not quite so straightforward an ‘empirical description’ as naturalistic epistemologists like to think.
  • Contemporary feminist epistemologists have pointed out how traditional philosophy's emphasis on rational, logical absolutes has devalued the ambiguities of the embodied life.

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