Definition of epithelialize in English:


Syllabification: ep·i·the·li·al·ize
Pronunciation: /ˌepəˈTHēlēəlīz


[with object & no object]
Cover or become covered with epithelial tissue, e.g. during the healing of a wound.
More example sentences
  • Typically wounds do not epithelialize until the black/yellow slough has come off the surface and healthy granulation tissue is apparent.
  • Thus, applying topical antibiotics and eliminating the friction of a wet diaper may allow the granulation tissue to epithelialize.
  • Like hydrogels, hydrocolloids can help a clean wound to granulate or epithelialize and encourage autolytic debridement in wounds with necrotic tissue.



Pronunciation: /ˌepəˌTHēlēəliˈzāSHən/
More example sentences
  • To close superficial wounds, physicians can accelerate epithelialization, generally using an occlusive dressing that creates a warm, moist, environment, he said.
  • The average time to 90% epithelialization was 16.4 days.
  • A common complication of chronic wounds is epibole (premature closure of the wound edges), which prevents epithelialization and wound closure.

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