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Syllabification: eu·gle·noid
Pronunciation: /yo͞oˈglēnoid


  • A flagellated single-celled organism of a group that comprises euglena and its relatives.
    • Division (or phylum) Euglenophyta
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    • Group B therefore included all members of the Alveolata (ciliates, dinoflagellates, and apicomplexans) and the Discicristata (euglenoids and trypanosomatids) as well as the Heterokontophyta and green algae/plants.
    • Group II introns are found in the mitochondria of plants and Fungi and the chloroplasts of euglenoids and algae, as well as in Bacteria such as Cyanobacteria and Proteobacteria.
    • Endosymbiosis of green algal unicells with two different heterotrophs led to euglenoids and to chlororachniophytes.


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  • 1Of or relating to organisms of the euglenoid group.
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    • Up to 15 species of unicellular eukaryotes, including ciliates, testaceans, green algae, and euglenoid cells, are found as syninclusions with it.
  • 1.1(Of cell locomotion) achieved by peristaltic waves that pass along the cell, characteristic of the euglenoids.

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