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Syllabification: ex·te·ri·or
Pronunciation: /ikˈsti(ə)rēər


  • 1Forming, situated on, or relating to the outside of something: exterior and interior walls
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    • Stained glass decor is commonly used by architects and interior decorators on exterior windows, wall spaces and entry ways.
    • Rigid foam panels can be used to insulate both interior and exterior walls.
    • If a window leaks water, interior finishes or exterior wall materials can be damaged.
  • 1.1Coming from outside: exterior noise
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    • For these, designs are carved on the outside and special exterior lighting is used to illuminate them.
    • Both rooms can also be cooled with a fan from outside once exterior temperatures are low enough.
    • Assuming the case blocks 8dB, that will leave us with an exterior noise level of 44dBA adjacent to the case.
  • 1.2(In filming) outdoor: exterior locations
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    • The series shoots interiors at studios in Canada, but allows for exterior sequences to be filmed on location in Los Angeles.
    • All of the exterior scenes were filmed in the middle of the night and I was barefoot.
    • Because so much of the movie is set on one exterior location, the texture of the color is a key character in the film.


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  • 1The outer surface or structure of something: a jar with floral designs on the exterior
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    • A long line of cars came into view, chrome exteriors reflecting the surface of the world around them.
    • Brush exterior with surface conditioner and let air dry.
    • To emphasize the sculptural, three-dimensional aspect, he started playing with the surface texture of the exterior and the uneven forms of the cow.
  • 1.1The outer structure of a building: the museum has a modern exterior
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    • The bank building has a windowless exterior, with wide glass entrance doors.
    • Many data centers and telecom building exteriors and lobbies, for instance, are blast-proof with ballistic glazing up to 30 feet high.
    • Arranging for placement on building exteriors or roofs was either impossible or would have added to the implementation time.
    outside, outer surface, external surface, outward appearance, facade
  • 1.2A person’s behavior and appearance, often contrasted with their true character: beneath that assured exterior, she’s vulnerable
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    • Beneath his military exterior, a gentler character had lurked, who loved music, painting and poetry and who knitted socks while under German fire.
    • He looks more fragile suddenly, as if beneath the neatly handsome exterior, the confident demeanour, glimpses of a private self have been revealed.
    • Despite his smooth exterior, the arrogant person is, ironically, restrained and inhibited from expressing his true self.
  • 1.3(In filming) an outdoor scene.
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    • The political situation at that time precluded filming the exteriors on real South-East Asian locations, and the studio jungle looks unconvincing.
    • Griffith made me realize something else: I was wondering how to film the exteriors, i.e. how to insert the characters into the scenery.
    • And I directed the exteriors and street scenes.



Pronunciation: /ikˌsti(ə)rēˈôritē, -ˈärite/
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  • And I've got to do some thinking about the ties between this and notions of the visible and invisible, interiority / exteriority, us/other.
  • I think jazz performance involves imagining a kind of exteriority, being receptive to what is acoustically ‘out there’ in every sense.
  • Marxism is Jameson's privileged hermeneutic by virtue of its breadth and its resolute exteriority to postmodernism.


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  • OK, we know members can't do it now but they used to exteriorize in the old days.
  • Laparoscopic pelvic lymphadenectomy for gynecological malignancy involves mobilizing and exteriorizing the lymph nodes.
  • After considering the recovery or deterioration from colonic ischemia, we chose to exteriorize the sigmoid colon.


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  • An exteriorly accessible rotatable member is associated with the one-way clutch mechanism for selectively deactivating the one-way clutch mechanism to prevent movement of the inner casing in the second direction.
  • Its anterior siphonal notch is shallow and not adjacent to the columella, and its two nearly parallel folds strengthen within the aperture and are less visible exteriorly.
  • The lateral ends of the first primibrachials and first and second secundibrachials are in contact but moderately inset from the exteriorly convex medial part of the plates.


early 16th century: from Latin, comparative of exter 'outer'.

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