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Syllabification: false
Pronunciation: /fôls


1Not according with truth or fact; incorrect: the test can produce false results the allegations were false
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  • She lashed out at ‘certain media organisations [that] have distorted facts and spread false rumours’.
  • This study points out that most of the published results of medical research are, in fact, false.
  • We make no claim that something is incorrect, false, or erroneous.
untruthful, fictitious, concocted, fabricated, invented, made up, trumped up, unfounded, spurious;
counterfeit, forged, fraudulent
1.1Not according with rules or law: false imprisonment
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  • From what I'm hearing about the allegations, they don't mention anything about false imprisonment or kidnapping.
  • He was given a life sentence in March this year after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm, false imprisonment and threats to kill.
  • She was charged with a felony count of false imprisonment and a gross misdemeanor count of criminal sexual conduct.
2Appearing to be the thing denoted; deliberately made or meant to deceive: check to see if the trunk has a false bottom a false passport
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  • Its activists can hide themselves among the civilian population and, using false identities and fake passports, they can move easily across international borders.
  • A court heard how 30 fake Belgian and ten false French passports were found in the lining of a bag after Customs officers checked luggage off a flight from Zurich.
  • A bag stuffed with fake passports and false IDs found abandoned near Heathrow airport may be linked to West Yorkshire.
2.1Artificial: false eyelashes
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  • A generation ago, women were asking each other why they were wasting half the day fitting corsets and false eyelashes, and the other half trying to perfect an orange souffle.
  • Cohen saw potential in a beauty parlour where women could get make-up done, have eyebrows plucked or false eyelash extensions applied.
  • Traditional false eyelashes are uncomfortable and difficult to apply.
2.2Feigned: a horribly false smile
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  • I forced a smile, a lying, deceitful, false smile, as if that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard.
  • Faith said with false sympathy that sounded sincere.
  • Another small gem goes like this: ‘Resist whispered speech and false pleasant smiles when in the boss's company.’
3Illusory; not actually so: sunscreens give users a false sense of security
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  • But the US vetoed the protocol, claiming that it would create a false sense of security while not actually catching cheats.
  • It's a false sense of security that they are actually holding on to.
  • We see people winning the game and losing, and those that think they are winning are fooled into a false security that actually makes them losers.
3.1 [attributive] Used in names of plants, animals, and gems that superficially resemble the thing properly so called, e.g., false oat, false killer whale.
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  • Animals like the false killer whale and bottlenose dolphin show how much variety is possible by purely natural means.
  • Other plants are false nettle, a pink Saint-John's wort, and two species of white-flowered smartweeds.
  • Although suffering from an overabundance of names, false holly makes a handsome evergreen accent at the back of the border.
4Treacherous; unfaithful: a false lover
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  • True in love ever be, unless thy lover's false to thee.


Old English fals 'fraud, deceit,' from Latin falsum 'fraud', neuter past participle of fallere 'deceive'; reinforced or re-formed in Middle English from Old French fals, faus 'false'.


false position

A situation in which one is compelled to act in a manner inconsistent with one’s true nature or principles.
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  • Has she been led into a false position by eager cynics who have sacrificed nothing and who would happily surrender unconditionally to the worst enemy that currently faces civilization?
  • It put them in a false position as they categorically denied the existence of any bonded labourers in those areas.
  • In any relationship there will be give and take, so you have to operate from a position of self awareness, or else you enter the give and take aspect from a false position and end up making decisions built on nonresistant values.



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  • The ten protesters accused officers of falsely imprisoning them.
  • On one occasion a policeman in Rochdale falsely charged me with failing to stop but when I contested the case it was dropped.
  • Anyone caught falsely reporting crimes could also face being prosecuted and jailed for up to 12 months.


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  • Publicity stunts, artificiality, falseness, popularity contests, and egos, leave me cold, in blogland as in life, and I feel that I don't want to be part of this at present.
  • If Rick hated anything, it was lies, dissembling, falseness, pretension.
  • The utter falseness and deception that pervade the campaigns of the two parties have imbued the proceedings with an air of unreality.

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