Definition of farther in English:


Syllabification: far·ther
Pronunciation: /ˈfärT͟Hər
(also further /ˈfərT͟Hər/)
used as comparative of far.


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1At, to, or by a greater distance (used to indicate the extent to which one thing or person is or becomes distant from another): the farther away you are from your home, the better you should behave figurative his action pushes Haiti even farther away from democratic rule
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  • How about Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and, to a farther extent, China, Korea and Japan?
  • At farther distances, the array loses its tight vertical-pattern control.
  • I let her run away and when the sounds of her footfalls were farther off in the distance, I made my way silently to the edge.
2Over a greater expanse of space or time; for a longer way: the stream fills the passage, and only a cave diver can explore farther figurative people were trying to get their food dollars to go farther
More example sentences
  • She had wanted to swim and explore farther, but she didn't know it was night.
  • They decided to clean up, relax for the rest of the day and go exploring farther ashore, while Sun and Bay smiled and looked happy with the choice.
  • Loyalty programs that offer flexible earning and redemption policies are a great way to make travel dollars go farther.


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1More distant in space than another item of the same kind: the farther side of the mountain
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  • One of the horses near the head of the train shifted and snorted, skittering nervously to the farther side of the road.
  • The door on the farther side of the room was the door to a balcony that had a table and a set of folding stairs leading to the pool.
  • Amy stated this flatly, and started to go towards the bolted door at the farther side of the room.
1.1More remote from a central point: the farther stretches of the diocese
More example sentences
  • You'll also be able to stretch to a farther point as you become more flexible.
  • The academic misadventure was forging a specialist in the farther reaches of stress.
  • It cut into the side home as one strolls through Pudong's farther reaches.


Traditionally, farther and farthest were used in referring to physical distance: the falls were still two or three miles farther up the path. Further and furthest were restricted to figurative or abstract senses: we decided to consider the matter further. Although farther and farthest are still restricted to measurable distances, further and furthest are now common in both senses: put those plants the furthest from the window.

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