Definition of federalist in English:


Syllabification: fed·er·al·ist
Pronunciation: /ˈfed(ə)rələst


1An advocate or supporter of federalism: political struggles between centralists and federalists
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  • It was a specifically European movement, and whereas Mitrany aimed explicitly to depoliticize the process of the transfer of power away from national governments, federalists sought a clear transfer of political authority.
  • A Franco-German proposal to replace him with the Belgian Prime Minister and an avowed federalist, was vetoed by the UK.
  • Two of the most influential federalists, committed to the development of a European polity that would deal effectively with the common interests of the member states and their citizens, have been Jean Monnet and Jacques Delors.
2 (Federalist) A member or supporter of the Federalist Party: captured both the legislative and the executive branches of the federal government from the Federalists


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1Of, pertaining to, or favoring federalism or federalists: the Quebec Liberal Party and the federalist cause would be greatly strengthened by his candidacy Britain can achieve what it wants, more power to the federalist European Parliament even the moderates here sounded more Reaganite than Ronald Reagan ever did in his federalist riffs
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  • Now it's true that such distrust was one of the motivations for the Constitution's federalist structure, but it is not the driving force behind the Supreme Court's federalism jurisprudence.
  • As a Supreme Court advocate, attorney general, law-review author, and occasional columnist, Bill Pryor has done more than anyone to propagate and promote a federalist renewal.
  • They found it in the Ottoman Empire, in the Moorish kingdoms, in the Hapsburg Empire and now even in liberal regimes - in the European Union with all of its flaws and in the federalist project in the US.
2 (Federalist) Designating or pertaining to the Federalist Party: it was not a weapon that could reach John Marshall and the other Federalist judges

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