Definition of feminine in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈfemənən/


1Having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness: a feminine frilled blouse
More example sentences
  • A subtle feminine touch is given by using soft shades and delicate embroidery.
  • The pink also gives it a more feminine and ladylike quality.
  • It had a feminine girlish quality in the cut, but a bold, womanly quality in color.
womanly, ladylike;
soft, delicate, gentle, graceful
informal girly
1.1Relating to women; female: he enjoys feminine company
More example sentences
  • Removing the board gently, he reached down into the hollow and retrieved a bundle of papers covered edge-to-edge in a pretty, feminine hand.
  • They were pretty eyes, almost feminine, he decided, and it was probably that.
  • The feminine side of me wants humanistic evaluations of interesting female people in the news, written by well-bred, well educated women.
2 Grammar Of or denoting a gender of nouns and adjectives, conventionally regarded as female.
Example sentences
  • To be sure, it may be the case, in a gender language, that male and female persons will be designated by nouns of masculine and feminine gender, respectively.
  • English is a great language - no masculine and feminine nouns, fewer tenses to our verbs and loads of nouns.
  • A college class was discussing the fact that nouns in some foreign languages are either of masculine or feminine gender.
3 Music (Of a cadence) occurring on a metrically weak beat.
Example sentences
  • If, on the other hand, we accept the idea of an 'extra-light' feminine cadence, we obtain a pleasing rounded construction.
  • The only full cadence - a languid feminine cadence drawn out over a full measure - comes at the close of the B section.


(the feminine)
1The female sex or gender: the association of the arts with the feminine
More example sentences
  • The Catholic understanding of the feminine would be lost forever if the Church had a female priesthood.
  • In discussing drag, we talk about challenging the audience's conception of gender, or recovering the male performer's sense of the feminine.
  • Early in the film, Janice's transgressions already resonate on a specific historical level and tap into older notions regarding the feminine.
1.1 Grammar A feminine word or form.
Example sentences
  • A noun that is classified as feminine in one language might be masculine in another.
  • Even today we refer to objects like ships in the feminine!
  • After a long time, Michel fell asleep thinking about how the boat itself was named after a man, yet was always referred to in the feminine.



Pronunciation: /ˈfemənənlē/
Example sentences
  • It's not just women who would make great leaders (sensually, femininely, in the light of science), but also gay people.
  • A person who puts on a skirt or makeup sends an obvious signal that he or she is dressed femininely, but a person in pants and no makeup could be dressed as any gender.
  • ‘At least one person thinks I look all right in this,’ she laughed, examining the femininely cut tuxedo she wore.




Late Middle English: from Latin femininus, from femina 'woman'.

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