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Syllabification: fil·let


  • 1 /fiˈlā, ˈfilā/ (also filet) A fleshy boneless piece of meat from near the loins or the ribs of an animal: a chicken breast fillet roast fillet of lamb
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    • Mr Gucci had the fillet of veal braised in brown chicken stock, sautéed ceps, baby spinach and truffle cream at £20.
    • The Oven Roasted Strips Meal consists of three boneless chicken fillets seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices served on a bed of long-grain rice with a side of green beans.
    • Cheaper options included various meat fillets, including chicken, veal, duck, goose and pork.
  • 1.1 (also fillet steak) A beef steak cut from the lower part of a sirloin.
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    • For lunch ‘Blue’ has a fillet steak with baked potato followed by another protein mix in mid-afternoon.
    • The fillet steak in the steak sandwich was so good I even queried Greg as to whether he had slipped a better quality one in, just for me, which he denied.
    • The chargrilled fillet steak with creamed potatoes and roasted field mushrooms was ordered medium rare and arrived medium.
  • 1.2A boned side of a fish.
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    • The Fish Society's cod fillets are like no other.
    • The fish fillet in wine sauce disappeared off the menu.
    • Heat a heavy based frying pan and seal the fillets on both sides and cook to medium rare.
  • 2 /ˈfilit/ A band or ribbon worn around the head, especially for binding the hair.
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    • He wears a fillet in his hair and has a richly colored and embroidered himation wrapped around his waist.
    • He also parted company with the Farnese Flora by exchanging her wreath and fillet for oak crowns, a reminder that his figure stood against the thick woods of Versailles.
    • This was true in the case of the Venus Esquilina, whose pose Poynter completed by showing her wrapping a fillet around her head.
  • 2.1 Architecture A narrow flat band separating two moldings.
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    • The extensive factory area across the back of the building includes miniature frame racks fillets representing lengths of moulding.
    • Selling customers on more expensive framing orders is often simply a matter of showing them the effects that wider mats, fillets and more expensive mouldings can have, said several framers.
    • Recognized by decorators and designers around the world, Max Moulding offers a wide variety of mouldings and fillets for every taste, every need and every budget.
  • 2.2 Architecture A small band between the flutes of a column.
  • 2.3A plain or decorated line impressed on the cover of a book.
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    • Black suede mats will always be popular, and small touches like double mats and fillets go a long way to accentuate a diploma.
  • 2.4A roller used to impress a line on the cover of a book.
  • 3 /ˈfilit/ A concave strip of material roughly triangular in cross section that rounds off an interior angle between two surfaces: a splayed mortar fillet at the junction of the roof with the chimney stack [as modifier]: a fillet weld
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    • Alias, however, uses the surfaces to define the fillet.
    • Also, SolidWorks 2004 comes with predefined structural weldment members such as fillets, weld beads, gussets, end caps, and cut lists.
    • The poles came from strips of broken fillets that had been lying around the shop.


Pronunciation: /fiˈlā, ˈfilā
(fillets, filleting, filleted) [with object] Back to top  
  • 1Remove the bones from (a fish).
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    • Ask your fishmonger to fillet it and remove the small bones.
    • Also thanks for kindly filleting the fish leaving no bones.
    • Scale, clean and fillet the remaining fish, putting skin, bones, heads etc. into a large pan with the fish trimmings and 2 litres of water.
  • 1.1Cut (fish or meat) into boneless strips.
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    • Nottingham Crown Court heard that staff, in threadbare butchers' aprons, worked into the early hours to fillet carcasses which had been condemned as unfit for human consumption.
    • A variation of this recipe is usually used to garnish Cantonese roast pork, but we slathered it on salt-baked pork chops, which were filleted like veal and fried in crinkly shapes like some strange form of ribbon candy.
    • Competitors fillet tuna to produce an even, level piece.



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  • That does not include all the jobs of shipwrights, engineers, ice-makers, electronic experts, and fish filleters, which will be put at risk.
  • You just couldn't get a good fish filleter for love nor money, and he was absolutely certain that none of the penguins he knew washed their flippers before meals.
  • Two years after the mysterious disappearance of her elder sister, a Fleetwood fish filleter is haunted by the need to know what happened.


Middle English (denoting a band worn around the head): from Old French filet 'thread', based on Latin filum 'thread'.

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