Definition of filthy in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈfilTHē/

adjective (filthier, filthiest)

1Disgustingly dirty: a filthy hospital with no sanitation
More example sentences
  • Maybe the bathrooms are even more disgustingly filthy, though.
  • But my major concern is the health service, the fact that hospitals are filthy.
  • Last Monday, after a west wind, the sea was 13° and filthy dirty.
dirty, grimy, muddy, slimy, unclean, mucky;
foul, squalid, sordid, nasty, soiled, sullied;
polluted, contaminated, unhygienic, unsanitary
informal cruddy, grungy, skeevy
literary besmirched
formal feculent
unwashed, unclean, dirty, grimy, smeared, grubby, muddy, mucky, black, blackened, stained
literary begrimed
1.1Obscene and offensive: filthy language
More example sentences
  • The explicit, filthy language of sexual situations coming out of their mouths was shocking.
  • Her mother was screaming filthy obscenities and it was wrong of her to do that.
  • ‘They spit, swear and use the most filthy language,’ he said.
obscene, indecent, dirty, smutty, rude, improper, coarse, bawdy, vulgar, lewd, racy, raw, off-color, earthy, barnyard, locker-room, ribald, risqué, “adult”, pornographic, explicit
informal blue, porn, porno, X-rated
1.2 informal Used to express one’s anger and disgust: you filthy beast
More example sentences
  • An all-encompassing disgust with the whole filthy business is a way to claim your good-citizenship merit badge without earning it.
  • One night, he begins to write down how he feels about the ‘intricate, filthy, disgusting maze’ he concocted to snare her.
  • Normal people say I'm to young, much to young, that it's filthy and disgusting, but I know they think I deserve it deep down.
despicable, contemptible, nasty, low, base, mean, vile, obnoxious
informal dirty (rotten), lowdown, no-good
1.3(Of a mood) bad-tempered and aggressive: he arrived at the meeting half an hour late in a filthy temper
More example sentences
  • And like your mother, you're beautiful, but you have a filthy temper.
  • Then again, it's got nothing to do with the gods when you've got a filthy temper, and that I certainly have.
  • On the morning of my last day at home, my father came bursting into my room in a particularly filthy temper.
bad, foul, bad-tempered, ill-tempered, irritable, grumpy, grouchy, cross, fractious, peevish
informal cranky, ornery
1.4British informal (Of weather) very unpleasant: it looked like a filthy night
More example sentences
  • In contrast, the weather was filthy, however, and the driving rain was no aid to good kicking, particularly as Eden were without regular goal-kicker Rick Heron.
  • Earlier, an MCA spokesman said: ‘The weather is filthy and anything we do is likely to be dictated by the weather.’
  • They face it every week, pitting themselves against tortuous terrain and filthy weather, recovering the fells' casualties without pay or team funding.


[as submodifier] informal
To an extreme and often disgusting extent: he has become filthy rich
More example sentences
  • That makes it all the more depressing, for one would have hoped that someone who came up the hard way would know that the filthy rich don't deserve special favors.
  • If it wasn't for the fact that he's filthy rich, and can afford paid staff, I suspect he himself might find it difficult to find a job in this high-tech world.
  • They've found many new and innovative ways to become filthy rich with very little work, but they don't keep it to themselves.
very, extremely, tremendously, immensely, remarkably, excessively, exceedingly
informal stinking, awfully, terribly, seriously, mega, majorly, ultra, damn



Pronunciation: /ˈfilTHəlē/
Example sentences
  • Do you all talk that filthily at your company?
  • He ends up with some of his fellow trainees, secretly filmed, being filthily racist in their language, their fantasies and their behaviour.
  • Don't sulk and get in a filthily bad temper unless you've got an audience to notice this change in mood, and at least one person who will bravely ask you what's wrong.


Pronunciation: /ˈfilTHēnəs/
Example sentences
  • Those statements have, in every case, been allegations of fact - illness, madness, filthiness or defilement.
  • The dirt and the filthiness of the city and its open drains nauseate her.
  • You could smell his filthiness a long way away.

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Syllabification: filth·y

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