Definition of flexibility in English:


Syllabification: flex·i·bil·i·ty
Pronunciation: /ˌfleksəˈbilədē


1The quality of bending easily without breaking: players gained improved flexibility in their ankles
More example sentences
  • I ended up going to a small assembler where flexibility was real.
  • The mature consumer may benefit from the flexibility of a fabric like pleather.
  • The chain's flexibility is to a limited degree controllable.
pliability, suppleness, pliancy, plasticity;
informal give
cooperation, amenability, accommodations, tolerance, willingness to compromise
1.1The ability to be easily modified: I enjoyed the flexibility of the schedule
More example sentences
  • The paint spray process is entirely manual, for maximum paint color flexibility.
  • Perhaps the zero tolerance rule is being applied without flexibility.
  • In most spheres, there is some flexibility in gender roles.
1.2Willingness to change or compromise: the government has shown flexibility in applying its policy
More example sentences
  • The Commission has, within the processes, flexibility to deal with the French situation.
  • Both manufacturers and dealers need flexibility in running their businesses.
  • Today that means developing a ferocious work ethic, self-discipline, competitive zeal, and flexibility.

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