There are 2 main definitions of flint in English:


Syllabification: flint
Pronunciation: /flint


1A hard gray rock consisting of nearly pure chert, occurring chiefly as nodules in chalk.
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  • Silica precipitated from aqueous solution at low temperatures gives cryptocrystalline varieties such as opal, jasper, chalcedony, agate, carnelian, onyx, flint, and chert.
  • It passes upwards into almost flat-lying white coccolith chalk with parallel lines of black flint nodules.
  • The artifacts recovered from these excavations will give a clearer picture of the technology and particularly their production and use of flint and chert.
1.1A piece of flint, especially as flaked or ground in ancient times to form a tool or weapon.
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  • It was associated with a cobbled ‘work area’ covered by vast quantities of pottery, five stone axes, a number of broken tools and flints.
  • The site is dated by large quantities of Mesolithic flints, such as crescent-shaped microliths, scrapers and points.
  • Excavations at the site produced over 300 worked flints of early-middle Mesolithic type.
1.2A piece of flint used with steel to produce an igniting spark, e.g., in a flintlock gun, or (in modern use) a piece of an alloy used similarly, especially in a cigarette lighter.
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  • For example, an alloy of calcium and cerium is used in flints in cigarette and other types of lighters.
  • Misch metal is used to make the flint in cigarette lighters.
  • Lauren sparked her flints together against the wood.


Old English; related to Middle Dutch vlint and Old High German flins.

Definition of flint in:

There are 2 main definitions of flint in English:


Syllabification: Flint
Pronunciation: /flint
An industrial city in southeastern Michigan, an auto industry center since the Buick Company was established there in 1903; population 112,900 (est. 2008).