Definition of fluid in English:


Syllabification: flu·id
Pronunciation: /ˈflo͞oid


A substance that has no fixed shape and yields easily to external pressure; a gas or (especially) a liquid: we all need several glasses of fluid a day a cleaning fluid
More example sentences
  • Gold can form soluble compounds with these substances and so the fluids will leach it out of rocks.
  • The bakery owners later gave up their lease after it emerged that the liquid had in fact been body fluids from the two men.
  • I was on a drip because obviously I had no fluids in my body, the only liquid was alcohol.
liquid, watery substance, solution


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1(Of a substance) able to flow easily: the paint is more fluid than tube watercolors a fluid medium
More example sentences
  • It spilled out from her fingers in the form of a fluid silver substance and flooded the man's leg down to the marrow of his bone.
  • Miro, Louis and Poons showed the strikingly different effects that could be obtained by pouring a fluid substance down a canvas.
  • Adding additional calcium to dairy formulations is an option and one currently adopted by processors of all sorts from cheese to ice cream to fluid milk.
free-flowing; liquid, liquefied, melted, molten, runny, running
1.1Not settled or stable; likely or able to change: our plans are still fluid the fluid political situation of the 1930s
More example sentences
  • This is a very fluid political situation in a very unusual state.
  • We now also have a much more fluid political situation.
  • I'm just reminded that political definitions are fluid, and shift with the times.
adaptable, flexible, adjustable, open-ended, open, open to change, changeable, variablefluctuating, changeable, subject/likely to change, shifting, ever-shifting, inconstant; unstable, unsettled, turbulent, volatile, mercurial, protean
1.2Smoothly elegant or graceful: her movements were fluid and beautiful to watch
More example sentences
  • The juggling and rope acts were hypnotic; the costume, staging and music are all original and often beautiful; the performances fluid and graceful.
  • Christopher fought with a fluid elegance, every move graceful and balanced.
  • There is an easy elegance here, a fluid readability, and a lucid, completely unaffected, eloquence of one who is at ease with herself.
smooth, fluent, flowing, effortless, easy, continuous, seamless; graceful, elegant
1.3(Of a clutch or coupling) using a liquid to transmit power.
More example sentences
  • Broadly, fluid couplings are of two types - constant and variable speed.


late Middle English (as an adjective): from French fluide or Latin fluidus, from fluere 'to flow'.



Pronunciation: /ˈflo͞oˈidik/
More example sentences
  • The view of all the monitors turned to a single image of a suit, seemingly designed for underwater combat, as it fired a blast of a fluidic substance into the air.
  • Hersh's voice is the very backbone - a one-inch punch to the ears that leaves the music having to work around her supple timbre and edgily fluidic warble.
  • You've seen smoke trails in wind tunnels, seen the wonderful, fluidic behaviour of moving air over solid objects; it hugs things.


Pronunciation: /flo͞oˈidətē/
More example sentences
  • The grace of their elongated shape and irregular profiles reflect the fluidity and unpredictable nature of the glass medium.
  • Their athleticism and fluidity of movement was wonderfully impressive.
  • To watch and feel Apollo is to see how shape and fluidity, pose and movement, interdepend.


More example sentences
  • The song was slow and smooth and Simba danced fluidly yet unpredictably.
  • When filming, you had to creep smoothly, fluidly along so that the camera detected no bobbing motion.
  • But not everyone would be able to slide from bottom-space to performance mode as fluidly as Jae does.

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