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folk Syllabification: folk

Definition of folk in English:

plural noun

1 (also folks) informal People in general: some folk will do anything for money an old folks' home
More example sentences
  • There was a general feeling amongst folk who hadn't been faced with this situation before; they were stunned.
  • I might be wrong but folk of my generation are probably Apple's prime audience.
  • I suppose it also had to do with the fact that my parents were messy folk, something of which I was deeply ashamed.
people, individuals, 'men, women, and children', (living) souls, mortals;
citizenry, inhabitants, residents, populace, population
formal denizens
1.1 (folks) Used as a friendly form of address to a group of people: meanwhile, folks, why not relax and enjoy the show?
More example sentences
  • The Soul of Man Under Socialism, folks, looks a lot better than it does under ten feet of sewage-filled water.
  • I think we've located another point in our musical journey here, folks.
  • A fair amount of the traditional old machete gardening was in order - it's more fun than it looks, folks!
1.2 (one's folks) chiefly North American The members of one’s family, especially one’s parents: I get along all right with your folks
More example sentences
  • Help your friends move, invite your folks to live with you, go out of your way to help someone with their homework, and so on.
  • Now I understand that my folks must have saved me from death hundreds of times without even thinking twice about it.
  • My folks never took my instruments away or forbade me to play a gig.
parents, relatives, relations, blood relations, family, nearest and dearest, people, kinsfolk, kinsmen, kinswomen, kin, kith and kin, kindred, flesh and blood
2Folk music: a mixture of folk and reggae
More example sentences
  • Their music is a mixture of Eastern European folk, gypsy, techno and American jazz.
  • She plays steel, slide and acoustic guitar, mandolin and body percussion - her music crossing boundaries through folk, country and reggae.
  • Off The Rails will also be playing rock, reggae, jazz, folk, samba, blues and world music-influenced songs.


[attributive] Back to top  
1Of or relating to the traditional art or culture of a community or nation: a revival of interest in folk customs a folk museum
More example sentences
  • For Croatians, food, tradition, and folk culture are interconnected, especially as a part of holiday celebrations.
  • Central to Welsh culture is the centuries-old folk tradition of poetry and music which has helped keep the Welsh language alive.
  • It was an assertion of a Jacksonian and old republican culture representing a folk tradition of honour.
1.1Relating to or originating from the beliefs and opinions of ordinary people: a folk hero folk wisdom
More example sentences
  • Popular songs are sung by folk heroes with humble origins.
  • Apparently there's some strange, arcane folk belief that wearing such headgear actually makes everything you say and do amusing.
  • It has a lot of folk beliefs and fairly primitive religion mixed in.
2Of or relating to folk music: performing at a folk club in Chicago


just (plain) folks
Ordinary, down-to-earth, unpretentious people.
Example sentences
  • Some are professional journalists, but the vast majority of them are just folks with something on their minds.
  • Don't you figure it's possible that a half million or more of Egan's flock are just folks from the suburbs?
  • also has a good forum for postings from just folks.


Old English folc, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch volk and German Volk.

Words that rhyme with folk

awoke, bespoke, bloke, broke, choke, cloak, Coke, convoke, croak, evoke, invoke, joke, Koch, moke, oak, okey-doke, poke, provoke, revoke, roque, smoke, soak, soke, spoke, stoke, stony-broke (US stone-broke), stroke, toke, toque, woke, yoke, yolk
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