Definition of fragment in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈfraɡmənt/
1A small part broken or separated off something: small fragments of pottery, glass, and tiles
More example sentences
  • After a fracture, the broken fragments of bone usually separate to some degree.
  • No findings of any archaeological significance have been made to date, except some fragments of broken pottery and glass.
  • I noted how its curved edges were constructed from broken fragments of tiles.
piece, bit, particle, speck;
chip, shard, sliver, splinter;
shaving, paring, snippet, scrap, flake, shred, wisp, morsel
1.1An isolated or incomplete part of something: Nathan remembered fragments of that conversation
More example sentences
  • Perhaps it's best that we only remember fragments; the full story would be too much to live with every day.
  • Then you notice, down at the bottom and off to the side, a fragment of a temporary wooden fence, broken and collapsing.
  • Diagrams of spheres and collaged textural elements are part of a surface crowded with fragments.
snatch, snippet, scrap, bit


Pronunciation: /fraɡˈment/
Break or cause to break into fragments: [no object]: his followers fragmented into sects
More example sentences
  • What impression can voters have of a party that is fragmenting and apparently collapsing?
  • Other issues included a lack of tendering and contract law and fragmented control of projects.
  • The fact that air traffic control is fragmented is resulting in flight delays all over Europe.
break up, break, break into pieces, crack open/apart, shatter, splinter, fracture;
disintegrate, fall to pieces, fall apart



Pronunciation: /fraɡˈmen(t)l/
(chiefly Geology ).
Example sentences
  • The surface is covered everywhere with a thin fragmental layer (known as soil, or ‘regolith’) that consists mainly of ground-up and remelted lunar rocks, with an average grain size of less than 0.1 millimeters.
  • The fossiliferous ledge overlies a thin, resistant, phosphatic sandstone containing fragmental orbiculoid brachiopods and fish teeth, typical components of the Meade Peak Member of the Phosphoria Formation.
  • Previous workers considered the fine-grained red bed strata (called red RAT) as Lower Roan rocks thrust from the south, and the associated fragmental rocks as tectonic friction breccias.


Late Middle English: from French, or from Latin fragmentum, from frangere 'to break'.

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