Definition of frequent in English:


Syllabification: fre·quent


Pronunciation: /ˈfrēkwənt
1Occurring or done on many occasions, in many cases, or in quick succession: frequent changes in policy the showers will become heavier and more frequent
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  • These recitations must be roughly repeated at frequent intervals if they are not to be lost.
  • Although I removed the advert from the screen, the persistent thing continues to pop up at frequent intervals, much to my increasing irritation.
  • Soulful music regaled the families dining at Chin Chin, the Chinese restaurant, while a special buffet at the Coffee Pot kept guests coming back for more at frequent intervals.
recurrent, recurring, repeated, periodic, continual, one after another, successive;
many, numerous, lots of, several
1.1 [attributive] (Of a person) doing something often; habitual: a frequent visitor to New England
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  • He owned a holiday home in Lurga, Charlestown and was a regular and frequent visitor to the Charlestown area in recent years.
  • This particularly affects frequent travelers, those people that are very good customers of the airlines.
  • In that role, she was in charge of training x-ray personnel and became a frequent visitor to hospitals and ambulance stations.
habitual, regular
1.2Found at short distances apart: frequent army roadblocks
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  • He said they were hampered by dreadful roads, frequent road blocks and gunpoint identity checks by the soldiers in the area because of the ongoing conflict.
1.3 Medicine , dated (Of the pulse) rapid.


Pronunciation: /frēˈkwent
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Visit (a place) often or habitually: bars frequented by soldiers [as adjective, with submodifier]: (frequented) one of the most frequented sites
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  • These are just a few of the many bird species frequenting the unique habitat of the mangrove lagoons.
  • The bar across the road frequented by Stuart and his chums does a lovely spicy sausage sandwich to go.
  • The shows will be conducted at places frequented by families in the evenings.
visit, patronize, spend time in, visit regularly, be a regular visitor to, haunt
informal hang out at


late Middle English (in the sense 'profuse, ample'): from French, or from Latin frequens, frequent- 'crowded, frequent', of unknown ultimate origin.



Pronunciation: /ˌfrēkwənˈtāSHən, ˌfrēkwen-/
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  • A new governmental regulation will be applied to limit the frequentation of the bivouac areas at some dates.
  • Mundane frequentations often occasion temptations.


Pronunciation: /frēˈkwentər-/
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  • Many years ago in England, pub frequenters had a whistle baked into the rim or handle of their ceramic cups.
  • Dad is an avid frequenter of discount supermarkets.
  • There are good reasons why some might think this was the wrong thing to do with hard-earned money collected from lottery players who tend not to be frequenters of high-art institutions.

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