Definition of frolicsome in English:


Syllabification: frol·ic·some
Pronunciation: /ˈfräliksəm


Lively and playful.
More example sentences
  • Around the year 850 in southern Abyssinia, a young goatherd named Khaldi noticed that his goats were particularly frisky and frolicsome when he brought them home in the evening.
  • I mean, it's such a frolicsome profession - cavorting and skipping around a store window arranging merchandise and props in full view of humanity.
  • Arriving fatigued but frolicsome in Vilnius 40 hours after leaving the UK, my initial impressions made it worth it as I meandered through what claims to be the largest ‘Old Town’ in Europe on my way to my holiday abode.
mischievous, impish, roguish



More example sentences
  • This saucy, stylish, frolicsomely funny show is an affectionate spoof of the golden age of the silver screen.
  • Up to 5000 visitors can frolicsomely celebrate in each festival tent.
  • In front of the entrance to the New Meadow the town built a nice swimming pool, where on hot summer days the local and neighboring youths romped happily and frolicsomely in great numbers.


More example sentences
  • They were a group of merry youngsters, almost maddened with the exuberant frolicsomeness of their years.
  • Amused by his own frolicsomeness, he sways from side to side, waggling a finger if your attention looks like wandering.
  • Can you feel the frolicsomeness and the untamed energy that this group emits?

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