Definition of future in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈfyo͞oCHər/


1 (usually the future) The time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come: we plan on getting married in the near future work on the building will be halted for the foreseeable future
More example sentences
  • It is difficult to envision a plan for the future without visiting moments from the past.
  • Draw your own conclusions as to what the future holds once the Government legalises cannabis, which it will.
  • No, awful as that picture is, it is just a snapshot of a moment in the near future.
the time to come, the time ahead;
what lies ahead, (the) coming times
1.1Events that will or are likely to happen in the time to come: nobody can predict the future
More example sentences
  • The technician as such has the benefit of hindsight to predict the future.
  • Telecoms analysts, after all, have not recently shown a particularly sound ability to predict the future.
  • In fact, predicting the future of music is more difficult than ever.
1.2Used to refer to what will happen to someone or something in the time to come: a blueprint for the future of American fast food
More example sentences
  • He still has a bright future ahead of him and is expected to put up a better performance next year.
  • It was the kind of shot that also convinces Westwood of the bright future that may lie ahead for the youngster.
  • While coming out on the wrong side of the score line today Swinford looks to have a very bright future ahead.
destiny, fate, fortune;
prospects, expectations, chances
1.3A prospect of success or happiness: he’d decided that there was no future in the gang I began to believe I might have a future as an artist
More example sentences
  • Each of the several million Japanese who died in war had families and futures.
  • A cleaner energy future beckons - now is the time to deliver.
1.4 Grammar A tense of verbs expressing events that have not yet happened.
2 (futures) Finance short for futures contract.
Example sentences
  • This involves buying and selling futures or options on shares, bonds or currencies.
  • Then as soon as the cash market closed, the S&P futures made a new low for the session.
  • These banks can deal in futures and options so that they can manage price risks.


1At a later time; going or likely to happen or exist: the needs of future generations
More example sentences
  • Judgements of national interest require prudence, and some concern for the likely trend of future events.
  • The future use is likely to be a small-scale residential development.
  • It follows a study into the suitability of the buildings and the likely future demand for family services across the city.
later, to come, following, ensuing, succeeding, subsequent, coming
1.1(Of a person) planned or destined to hold a specified position: his future wife
More example sentences
  • It has been suggested that his Pitt biography is part of a grand publicity plan to jockey back into position as a future leader.
  • In truth it is Davis himself who has been under suspicion for positioning himself as a future leader.
  • The agency, however, has been planned to have a movie producer as the future owner of Boyana Film.
to be, destined;
intended, planned, prospective
1.2Existing after death: expectation of a future life
1.3 Grammar (Of a tense) expressing an event yet to happen.
Example sentences
  • Traditionally, the simple future tense is will or shall followed by the infinitive: will follow.
  • Expletive null subjects, for example, can occur freely in the past, present, and future tenses.
  • If the question is framed in the future tense, then I understand what conversation we are having.



for future reference


in future

chiefly British From now on: she would be more careful in future
More example sentences
  • I shall however in future be careful to exclude all mention of the players involved.
  • I would like to fine him for the Diver Lifeboat Fund and to warn him to be more careful in future.
  • Women will in future be directed to birthing units in Chippenham and Trowbridge.
from now on, after this, in the future, from this day forward, hence, henceforward, subsequently, in time to come, down the road
formal hereafter



Pronunciation: /ˈfyo͞oCHərləs/
Example sentences
  • This interlude mends and creates relationships in ways that can be understood only by instinct, especially the magical sparks between Sebastien and Nathalie, futureless, fated to be extinguished in a blind alley.
  • I don't want to see any more grey council estates full of wretched, futureless people stuck some god awful cycle of eternal hopelessness.
  • ‘They were living futureless lives, then,’ he says.


Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin futurus, future participle of esse 'be' (from the stem fu-, ultimately from a base meaning 'grow, become').

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Syllabification: fu·ture

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