Definition of future life in English:

future life

Syllabification: fu·ture life


1A future state or existence, especially seen as very different from the present.
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  • However he knows that there is a complication, and, although he knows that she is more than a little fond of him, his ‘head’ tells him that their future lives may not be together.
  • At last, lesbian and gay couples can plan their future lives together.
  • We wish both the very best in their future lives together.
1.1(In Hinduism and some other religions) a reincarnated existence.
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  • Not only do they strive to act wisely in the present, they perform extra religious practices to rid themselves in this life of karmas that would normally only manifest in future lives.
  • What we sow, we shall reap in this or future lives.
  • It is an incentive for a Hindu to lead a moral and ethical life not only with the hope of a better future life but it also gives him the strength to endure hardships in the present life.
1.2 [in singular] (In Christianity and some other religions) the afterlife.
More example sentences
  • Now in the same way Christ is the beginning of the future life.
  • But Jesus told His followers of a future life of bliss and joy, where there would be no more pain.
  • Even radical deists like Paine agreed with Jefferson and Franklin that without belief in God and in a future life, morality in society could not be sustained.