Definition of future tense in English:

future tense

Syllabification: fu·ture tense


A tense expressing an action that has not yet happened or a state that does not yet exist: the dialect does not have a past or future tense the report was in the future tense and was written to explain what was due to happen that evening
More example sentences
  • Playing house, for example, reinforces the idea of the future tense and sequential thought, as the child says, "First I'll set the table, then we'll sit down to eat."
  • Turning in a 500 word biography, written painstakingly in the past tense, I sighed as my class was assigned another essay, this time in the future tense, due the next day.
  • The diamond heist that is the nucleus of Reservoir Dogs is absent from the actual movie, existing only in reference, as a reflection in either past or future tense.

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