Definition of gazelle in English:


Syllabification: ga·zelle
Pronunciation: /ɡəˈzel

noun (plural same or gazelles)

A small slender antelope that typically has curved horns and a yellowish-brown coat with white underparts, found in open country in Africa and Asia.
  • Gazella and other genera, family Bovidae: several species
More example sentences
  • Add up all the lions, elephants, warthogs, giraffes, gazelles, zebras, impalas, topis and hyenas that live on these plains and they fail to outnumber the gnus.
  • The gestation period was five months, a timetable shared by the slender-horned gazelle, blackbuck antelope, and pygmy goat.
  • Here, photographers can get vantage points to compose shots of elephants, rhinos, cheetahs, hyenas, gazelles and waterbucks.


early 17th century: from French, probably via Spanish from Arabic ghazāl.

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