Definition of geopolitics in English:


Syllabification: ge·o·pol·i·tics
Pronunciation: /ˌjēōˈpälədiks


[treated as singular or plural]
1.1 [treated as singular] The study of geopolitics.
More example sentences
  • In the polarized world of the late 1970s, reactions to the Tanzanian and Vietnamese interventions were conditioned by cold war geopolitics.
  • In geopolitics, possession-by-domination is nine-tenths of the law; demography is political destiny.
  • For now, since geopolitics is the contemporary form of fortune telling, this is nothing but wishful thinking.



Pronunciation: /-pəˈlitikəl/
More example sentences
  • A variety of economic and geopolitical factors are causing a noticeable convergence of French and German positions.
  • Involved in the rail deal are important geopolitical relations.
  • All of this unfolds within the context of a worldwide struggle by the great powers for economic influence and geopolitical power.


Pronunciation: /-pəˈlitik(ə)lē/
More example sentences
  • How destabilising could it be geopolitically, if grain prices were really affected and rose very high?
  • As we discussed in previous weeks, scandals become geopolitically significant when they affect the ability of the president to conduct foreign policy.
  • It will soon lead to military intervention in the name of righting wrong, in geopolitically specific places.


Pronunciation: /-ˌpäləˈtiSHən/
More example sentences
  • The national interest is too important to leave solely to the geopoliticians.
  • Fettweis apparently believes that anyone who looks at international relations through a geographical lens is a ‘geopolitician.’
  • The geopoliticians concluded that stable order could not be expected, only an everlasting struggle.

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