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Syllabification: glare
Pronunciation: /ɡler


[no object]
1Stare in an angry or fierce way: she glared at him, her cheeks flushing
More example sentences
  • Anthon glared at her, angry that she wasn't doing what she was told.
  • She swallowed painfully and glared at the angry red and bleeding hole in his shoulder.
  • Joshua came back out of the bathroom wearing a scowl, and glared at the other two.
scowl, glower, stare angrily, look daggers, frown, lower, give someone a black look, look threateningly
informal give someone a dirty look
1.1 [with object] Express (a feeling, especially defiance) by staring in an angry way: he glared defiance at the pistols pointing down at him
More example sentences
  • I guess I was glaring death stares at them because they stopped.
  • Aerin glared defiance at him, but beneath that defiant facade, Cole detected fear.
  • He was glaring daggers at his friends who didn't seem to notice what he was doing.
2 [with adverbial] (Of the sun or an electric light) shine with a strong or dazzling light: the sun glared out of a clear blue sky
More example sentences
  • I woke to the sun glaring in my face, the bright light blinding me.
  • It was a cold and empty room, with harsh white light glaring above.
  • Above him, a bright fluorescent light was glaring down, making his head ache.
blaze, beam, shine brightly, be dazzling, be blinding


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1A fierce or angry stare.
More example sentences
  • Both sides were throwing glares and looks of contempt.
  • His remark was met with various glares and dirty looks.
  • Nine of the ten pilots were sitting around on crates or boxes, talking to each other, shooting glares and dirty looks at the remaining one.
scowl, glower, angry stare, frown, black look, threatening look
informal dirty look
2Strong and dazzling light: Murray narrowed his eyes against the glare of the sun
More example sentences
  • Similarly, an anti-reflection coating can be given to avoid glare from light.
  • The site is also relatively long in the east-west direction, so avoiding the sun's glare at dawn and in the late afternoon.
  • The instrument faces are coated with electro-chromatic device which regulates glare according to ambient light levels.
blaze, dazzle, shine, beam; radiance, brilliance, luminescence
2.1Oppressive public attention or scrutiny: he carried on his life in the full glare of publicity
More example sentences
  • Evil grows in dark corners, not out in the full glare of public attention.
  • But the death of George I and the accession of a new king placed him in the full glare of public attention.
  • But let's put it to the harsh glare of the public.
3 archaic Dazzling or showy appearance; tawdry brilliance: the pomp and glare of rhetoric


Middle English (in the sense 'shine brilliantly or dazzlingly'): from Middle Dutch and Middle Low German glaren 'to gleam, glare': perhaps related to glass. The sense 'stare' occurred first in the adjective glaring ( late Middle English).



More example sentences
  • On one side of the catwalk, the British side, it was Gobi-desert hot; on the other just glary enough for the Americans to don their sunglasses.
  • They'd look better still if the overhead spotlights were less glary, but that's another story.
  • ‘Thank you,’ Dan said while walking back out into the glary sunlight.

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